Roots and the NFB Team Up!

TIFF is upon us, film friends and celebrity watchers (I am both, and let the record state that if Leonardo DiCaprio descends upon our fair city, we will be wed)! And this makes the upcoming collaboration exciting for anyone with a penchant for both movies and fashion. Enter: Roots and the NFB.

It's true! Roots has teamed up with the National Film Board to create a limited-edition collection based on two of Canada's most beloved animated classics, The Sweater and Log Driver's Waltz. The Sweater (1980, by Sheldon Cohen) is a short based on the story by Roch Carrier about a young hockey player in small town Quebec who must wear a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey instead of one in support of his beloved Habs. Leonard Maltin even cited the film as one of the great works in Canadian animation.

Log Driver's Waltz (1979, by animator John Weldon) is equally Canadian, and is about a young girl who longs to marry the greatest dancer of all — a log driver. Sure!

The collection launches online and in select stores across Canada on September 4, and features four t-shirts, two retro longsleeves, and two retro hoodies. The t-shirts feature images from The Sweater and Log Driver's Waltz (available in two sizer per film), and the longsleeves and hoodies bear the retro NFB logo. Prices range from $44-$98, but we all know the true cost of supporting Canadian film is priceless.

(I know that last bit sounded a bit much, but I mean, it's true.)

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