Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield = (Alleged) Love

Well, if you’ve been pining for Andrew Garfield since you saw the lad steal the screen from Justin Timberlake in The Social Network (*writer raises hand meekly*), you’re about to make an enemy of Emma Stone who is rumoured to be dating her Spider-Man co-star.

Evidently, a source to the twosome claim the couple have been trying to keep their relationship quiet since meeting on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man, but as Hollywood culture would have it, word’s gotten out, and it’s time to seethe with jealousy. (I mean, come on. Could he not have met me first?)

According to “the insider”, they “got close during filming and have been hooking up” (class!) and while they “haven’t gone public, he’s told his friends”.

Newsflash alert: this “source” is obviously the worst friend ever.

If you don’t recall, Ms. Emma Stone was formerly dating Scott Pilgrim star Kieran Culkin while Andrew was dating a longterm love, but since breaking up, the lady and her new gentleman have been getting their flirt on in quite a public sphere. Case in point: the MTV Movie Awards.

And while we’re not about to hate Emma (we can’t – a) it’s impossible and b) she’s funnier than most of us), it’s safe to assume you can find certain parties (read: me) watching Never Let Me Go on repeat while crying that I’d never treat Andrew the way Keira Knightley(‘s character) did.

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