Brooke Shields Teams Up With MAC

MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Brooke Shields for a limited-edition colour collection that is inspired by the supermodel herself. The collection includes everything from lipsticks to shadows, mascara and nail polishes. There's even a couple products to help you achieve those perfect, lush eyebrows that Shields is so well known for. 

In fact, Shields reveals that she never waxed or threaded her eyebrows. She occasionally reached for a pair of tweezers for a bit of grooming. At a very young age, Shields' mother taught her to leave her eyebrows the way they were, and the supermodel is doing the same for her two daughters. 

"{My mom] was the one that wouldn't let anyone touch my eyebrows," she said. "I mean, people wanted to bleach them, they wanted to pluck them, and she just said, 'Nope, off limits,' and I'm the same with my daughters, too."

As for her collection with MAC, Shields says it was created with the idea that women aren't just one-dimensional creatures. The collection was designed to allow women to show-off their many sides. 

"I've noticed all the women that I talk to really have two sides to their personality, and it's not just day-to-night," she said. "But there's a sexier side, there's a more youthful side, and I think that celebrating all of it was the inspiration to create the two different palettes." Shields is referring to two shadow palettes included in the collection. MAC has also included a mega-palette called Gravitas that includes 15 shades. 

The MAC Brooke Shields collection is now available in store and online


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