Cottage-Bound Beauty Tips

Unless you’re heading to the famous Hamptons, chances are you don’t need to pack a lot for a relaxing vacation at the cottage. A bathing suit, some shorts and a sweater will work fine. But what about your beauty routine? You really don’t want to haul your entire collection of creams and eye shadows out to the middle of nowhere. This weekend is all about looking natural and taking it easy. With that in mind we’ve created a list of the only beauty essentials you’ll need for your next camping trip. Roughing it doesn’t have to mean ugly!

Bath and Shower:
Whether there is plumbing or not at the place you’re staying, consider brining only a few essentials for shower time. A razor, a bar of soap, a few facecloths and towels, and a natural 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (in case you have to bathe in a lake!) should serve you well. Bring in a tiny carrying case and try to avoid anything that is scented. It will only attract bugs and make for an annoying weekend. You can also consider heading to the travel section of your drug store to find these items in a size that’s perfect for a quick trip.

Stick with one simple, unscented moisturizer that’s good to use on your whole body so you can cut back on carrying a number of bottles. If it contains SPF, even better!

It’s also important to protect your lips so a balm with SPF in it is very important. Leave the lipstick and glosses at home this weekend.

When deciding which make up to bring, think about the few things you can’t live without. If you can’t live without mascara and eyeliner, by all means bring it, but try to find items that can do double duty so you don’t have to pack a lot. One creamy eye shadow can also work as lip gloss or blush. Eye brow corrector can double as a liner. If you just bring concealer do you really need primer? Maybe just bring one product to cover up any imperfections and let your skin breathe for a bit. Also, if you’re getting sun, do you really need bronzer and blush? Pack wisely.

Other Things to Consider: 
Don’t forget to pack deodorant, a small first aid kit, and sunscreen. In terms of hair care styling tools probably won’t be an option due to a lack of power outlets. Your best bet is to go au natural or bring a curl enhancing hair product to help define some beach waves. Bring a few hair clips and ties to keep it casual and to work with bad hair days. Packing these few items should allow you to focus on getting some R&R!

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