9 Alternative Uses for Beauty Products

You know that drawer? You know the one we’re talking about¦Yes, that one. The one that is stuffed full of old and/or unused beauty products that you just cannot bring yourself to throw away because, after all, you did spent good money on those things, right? Well, instead of letting that drawer become an endless money pit why don’t you dig into that drawer and try some of our alternative uses for your long lost beauty products!


  1. Use your conditioner as shaving cream “ yes, we know, soap and/or shampoo are viable options too but the difference is that conditioner has a thicker consistency and more moisturizing properties, leading to softer and smoother and sexier legs!
  2. And speaking of shaving cream¦you know those awful rust stains they leave all around your bathtub? Prevent them by running clear nail polish around the edge of the can before you put it in the shower.
  3. Can’t find the Static Guard anywhere? No worries. Grab a can of hairspray and lightly spritz whatever it is you are trying to get static-free. Be careful though, hairspray can stain certain materials.
  4. Get rid of tanning streaks with facial toner “ if your at-home self tan looks a little less than stellar, pop a little toner onto a cotton ball and lightly brush the streaks until they blend in with the rest of your tan.
  5. Your smile should never be the only thing that shines! Use toothpaste (the plain paste kind, not the gel or the whitening stuff) to gently polish your silver back to all its glistening glory!
  6. Pesky highway rocks left dings in your car hood? Find yourself an extension cord, plug in your blow dryer and heat those suckers up for about a minute. Once the paint feels warn you should be able to reach under the hood and pop them right out.
  7. Just because that shade of So, So, So, Very, Very Pink didn’t turn out to be your favourite shade of lipstick ever doesn’t mean it should go completely to waste. Turn your old lip shades into cream blushes that will have you fabulously flushed in no time.
  8. A 29Secret office fave “ keep hand cream on hand (pun intended!) at all times, it is the perfect solution for two major winter woes: chapped hands and static-y hair! Rub it between your palms to moisturize and when it is almost absorbed run it over your hair to relax those crazy flyaways!
  9. Don’t throw out those makeup brushes just yet! Thanks to their gentle texture and intricate shapes, old makeup brushes are often great for dusting and cleaning delicate and/or hard-to-reach items such as glass figurines, crown molding, and computer keyboards.

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