The 5 Best Beauty Apps for your iPhone & iPad

Calling all beauty-junkies: it’s time to set down your makeup bag, and pick up your iPhone instead. Yep, the digital-age has finally swept over the glamour world. With the increasing number of apps being invented, smartphones are becoming the new must-have accessory this season (and we mean that in beauty terms.) Here are our top beauty app picks for your iPhone:

1. Carmindy “ $4.99
Most of us know her as the renowned makeup goddess on TLC’s “What Not to Wear”, but after releasing her newest book, (“Crazy Busy Beautiful”) creating a beauty app was next on Carmindy’s to-do list, naturally. Create your own personal profile, based on your hair shade, skin tone and eye colour. Depending on your features, the Carmindy app will recommend specific products and application techniques that best suit your beauty needs. You’ll also have access to 16 exclusive videos, where Carmindy dishes the must-know beauty dirt.

Carmindy Beauty App


2. Hairstyle Wizard “ $0.99
Curious what you’d look like if you rocked Jennifer Lawrence’s coveted brown locks? What about Rihanna’s smokin’ red ˜do? The Hairstyle Wizard app is the answer to our hair prayers. Simply tell your iPhone where you’re heading, and it will list various celebrity hairstyles best suited for the occasion. How it works? Snap a pic of yourself with your phone, and proceed to sample what you’ll look like sporting your favourite celeb ˜do. Your iPhone (or shall we say, beauty bible) is equipped with up-to-the-minute trends, and uploads new celeb photos every month.

Hairstyle Wizard App

3. Sephora to Go “ Free Application
Essentially everything we love most about this beauty haven, compressed into a miniature screen. Need we say more? The latest Sephora beauty app was crafted to suit the needs of the every day girl-on-the-go. The app enables a beauty babe to sift through (and purchase!) products, rate items and read reviews, and create personal shopping lists. Curious how to apply a product? It provides in-store tutorials, too. We just have one more question: what’s the store got that the app doesn’t?

Sephora to Go App

4. Beauty Product Reviews by “ Free Application already offers reliable beauty advice and product reviews, but we usually don’t know what we’re purchasing until we get to the store. The app is here to solve our beauty woes. It lets us review over 45,000 items, while simultaneously sampling the product. Avoid biases by sharing your opinion about a product with people around the world, as they do the same. app

5. Mirror “ $0.99
Remember when we told you to sweep your makeup bag aside, because you iPhone is all you need? We were half-serious. With this glamorous app, our phone will miraculously transform into a convenient pocket mirror. Yes, you’ll be staring at your reflection in the same screen you use to text. Our iPhone’s just jumped to a whole new level of intimacy. Ready for the best part? There are multiple frame modes to choose from, as well as a ˜zoom-in’ mode to really magnify your appearance. Creepy or not, we have to admit this one’s clever.

Mirror beauty app

Sympatico Image


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