Summerize Your Beauty Routine

Weather changes have the ability to affect more than one might think. Frizzy hair, dry skin, or even those pesky bug bites that not only itch, but are bright red and puffy — all of these things can be caused by even the slightest of temperature changes. But rather than panicking each time the weather man calls for a little rain or a raise in temperature, nip these seasonal problems in the bud. If you live in the heat, you know the disasters that summer can cause. Follow these tips for the upcoming heat to be most prepared at any temperature.

Use a daily moisturizer with an SPF, especially for those who are light-complected. Ensuring facial skin, which is also the most sensitive, is protected will reduce chances of burning and more serious health problems later on.

Avoid using sweet-smelling perfumes, hairsprays, or lotions that will attract bugs. These products (minus the perfume) come in unscented versions that will get the job done without bringing in unwanted critters.

Bug Bites
And when the bugs do bite, help subdue the swelling and itch by dabbing on a little hairspray (pray a finger first and then dab the bite; spraying the entire area will cause sticky skin). Hairspray seals the bite and keeps it from getting any air. Still itchy? For those super-stubborn bites, paint on a little nail polish. It’s thicker than hair spray and works wonders on chigger bites. Have a drawer full of colors? Clear will do the trick — blue or sparkly dots might look worse than the actual bite itself.

When it comes to summer, the lighter the makeup routine, the better. Heavy make up will look cakey and unattractive in the heat and will often crease or smear. Use powder foundation; not only will it help hide the summer stress, it will look more natural. For those who are self conscious about their skin, powder foundations come in varying stages of coverage, so there’s no need to worry about problem skin. Powder eyeshadows are a must as well. And when it comes to lipstick, stick to a tinted lip balm or gloss; these products will stay in place through the heat.

Hair should get the summer treatment as well. Next time at the salon, be brave and try a short summer cut, such as the bob. Or if that’s a little too daring, try the extra healthy trim — just an extra few inches will make a huge difference in the heat. Another way to take out some of the body is by a simple thinning; it take out the heaviness without taking the length. And for those who just can’t part with their long hair, try some new summer up-dos. Get some fun hair clips or ponys and make a hairstyle into a fashion statement.

Use these tricks throughout the upcoming summer months for a fresh and fun update to a mundane beauty routine. Following these tips will not only provide a fashionable look, but they will ensure a healthy and fresh summer routine.

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