Brazil-Inspired Beauty Looks

For one month, billions of fans around the world will tune in to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Whether you love supporting your favourite team with a jersey and face paint to match, or prefer a more subtle approach, here are some Brazilian-inspired beauty ideas.


Team Nails

Nail Art is a great way to show your pride without the commitment, or if your office has a strict dress code. On the most subtle end of the spectrum, paint your nails in the colours of your favourite team. If you’re skilled at nail art, you can try to replicate the team's logo. I plan on getting little orange lions painted onto my nails with a thin paintbrush to show off my love for the Netherlands! You can also go the more avant garde route, and paint your nails one team colour, pick up thin nail art tape and section off random shapes and paint them another team colour.

Brazil Nail Art

Brazilian Beauty Brands

Brazil is a rich country with many famous fashion brands, but there are also a few beauty brands to take note of. After all, they are the third-largest consumer of makeup after the U.S. and Japan in the world! Natura is an eco-friendly beauty line containing ingredients from Brazil’s diverse ecosystem. Contem 1g is another beauty line, featuring makeup made in Brazil. They even have an eyeshadow palette celebrating the World Cup, featuring the colours of Brazil’s flag! Lastly, O Boticé¡rio is the largest cosmetic brand in Brazil, and has stores in Portugal, Japan and France, just to name a few.

Take me to Brazil Eyes!

Brazil is a very colourful country, and with such a vibrant culture and incredible biodiversity, BH Cosmetics created an eyeshadow palette capturing the colours of Brazil. The palette is loaded with a rainbow of 30 saturated pigments, and they can be used as one single colour, or you can create amazing, blended looks. The palette has iridescent and matte shades, and was genius to include an extra-large white and black shade for highlights and lining, so you can get a lot of mileage out of this set. This YouTube beauty guru shows how to get a colourful look from the palette which would be perfect for carnival, or cheering on Brazil!

Brazil Bronze

Of course, now that we’re in summer, bronzed skin is a must to highlight your bone structure and give that sunkissed look. One product worth considering is Aveda’s Uruku bronzer. The entire Uruku line contains Urukum seeds which were harvested by the Yanawana, an indigenous tribe in Brazil. These seeds allow for a high degree of pigmentation, while still being a natural ingredient.

Brazilian Blow-Out

This hair treatment might have been very popular a couple years ago, but the treatment has its roots in Brazil. Because Brazil is so humid and hot, many women spend hours priming their hair with serums to tame the frizz. The Brazilian blow-out was invented as a lasting treatment to tame wild locks and eliminate bad hair days. Now that the heat is rising in Canada, if your hair is prone to frizz, a Brazilian blow-out will be a simple investment for a summer full of good hair days!


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