6 Reasons to Date the Funny Guy

From Seth Rogan to Seth Cohen, funny guys have proved their sexiness to the world. Sometimes, the traditional part of your brain tells you to go for the dark and mysterious dude, but guess what? Dark and mysterious is boring. The funny guy isn’t. He’s playful, unpredictable and he’s great with words. Here’s why you need to go for the funny man in your life.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Going out with a funny guy will ensure you get to go on super fun dates. Would you rather linger over expensive hors d’oeuvre in a stuffy restaurant, or head to a carnival to act like kids again? The funny guy isn’t worried about romancing you, his goal is to make you have fun.

He’s quirky. The funny guy usually seeks out the unconventional in life, from date ideas to personal interests. Hence, talking to him rarely involves a dull moment. Instead of a bouquet of roses, he’ll pick a bunch of wildflowers. He’s all about playful, not trying to be sexy.

He makes you comfortable. By saying what’s on everyone’s mind, making light of awkward situations and always seeing the bright side, he makes everyone around him feel comfortable. When you’re comfortable with your partner, you won’t feel scared to communicate what you need. When you’re dating a super hot guy, there’s the inevitable self consciousness that goes along with it (“Are his eyebrows actually better groomed than mine?”)

He’s confident but non threatening. The hottest kind of sex appeal doesn’t intimidate or make you wonder if you measure up. The funny guy has enough confidence to speak his mind in any situation, but you can rest assured that not every single girl will be clamouring over him (see the aforementioned traditional thought patterns).

He’ll help give you perspective. You know those days when you feel like everything is falling apart? Jokes always makes it feel more manageable. Taking the little things too seriously prevents our ability to see the grand scheme of things. Making light of them helps you see that in 5 years, they truly won’t matter.

He’s witty. Witty banter is hilarious and often full of playful teasing. With that wit usually comes honesty, which is refreshing and very helpful in a relationship. 

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