Classic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

Thinking up gift ideas for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day can be tricky-especially if you have just started dating and don’t yet know what his fave things are, or if he even likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all. Let’s face it, some guys get spooked at the mere mention of Valentine’s Day. Although some sensitive dudes may love to shower their honey in roses and chocolates, others may see it as extra pressure. And if it is too early in your relationship, you should be careful about showering him with too much, too soon. But whether you have been dating for a few weeks or a few years there are timeless gift ideas that will help you commemorate your love in a tangible way on February 14.  And the good news is, if you don’t have a fat wallet, you don’t have to spend a lot of money-you just need to be creative and do some detective work to find out what he likes, if you don’t already know.

So whether your beau loves or hates Valentines’s Day there is a gift idea for your love, if it is just blossoming or in full bloom:

Dating time frame: 2 weeks to 5 months:

You want to stick with more generic gifts, that are not too personal at this stage. You two are not serious or committed just yet, so you don’t want a gift that says that. A gift that says I like you and want to spend more time with you is more appropriate at this juncture. Try: Buying him tickets to his favorite event, whether it is a baseball game or his favorite band’s concert, this is an awesome excuse to spend more time with your guy, and make a great memory-for him and for you! The best part is, the event doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day, which takes the pressure off of guys who hate the love-themed holiday.

6 months to 1 year:

After 6 months, you have a better sense of who your boyfriend is and where your relationship is going. At this stage, you can get more creative and take more risks, since you are getting more serious. Tip: Create a whole box of goodies, including some of his favorite things and vouchers for sexy dates and the like. If he loves music, make him a mix CD of his favorite music, or give him a USB key with MP3 files. If he is a geek give him a magazine subscription to a tech magazine, like Wired. If he is a clotheshorse, get him a gift certificate to his favorite store (if you don’t know, check where most of his clothing come from!). Fill your box with handmade vouchers of sexy date nights for him. You can get really creative and racy here, and offer up anything from lap dances, to a steak dinner for two, to a night in (or out) to watch a movie of his choice.

1 year+:

You guys are still going strong after a year, and have a whole string of memories that you have made, and a future you are planning together, you may want to feel free to plan a whole night of it. Tip: take him to his favorite restaurant or cook him his favorite dinner. If it isn’t too nippy out, plan a trip on a horse drawn carriage. Maybe even book a hotel and stay overnight for some added spice.  Make a photo collage book. You can make one yourself by uploading pictures onto a website like Shutterfly.

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