5 TV Characters We Wish Were Our Boyfriend

From harmony and romantic bliss to fighting and petty drama, television romances have both their fire and their falls. Some relationships however, stand the test of time and some TV boyfriends prove to be worthy as each series progresses. These top five television boyfriends could easily put any real life romances to shame so read on to find out who's our number one sweetheart..


5. Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell sure had dated a lot of girls throughout the years, but one girl stayed in his mind, Kelly Kapowski. Zack starts off our list of the 5 best TV boyfriends because he taught us to hold onto and appreicate the good things and if it's meant to be, it will be!

Zack Morris GIF

4. The tumultuous relationship between Lana Lang and her boyfriend Clark Kent in Smallville is one for the books. Overcoming heartbreak, lies and vengeful attempts by Lex Luthor, Clark continually rescues Lana, even if it means his secret is in jeopardy.

 Clark Kent in Smallville

3. Third on our list is Stefan from The Vampire Diaries. Stefan is our respectful listener who is always kind and gentle towards Elena. He puts her first time and time again and proves to be a selfless boyfriend with a pure heart, despite being a vampire. In Season 1 Episode 8 girls everywhere smile when he says, "Elena is warm and kind and caring and selfless, and it's real. And honestly, when I'm around her, I completely forget what I am." Awww Stefan!"

Stefan from Vampire Diaries

2. Second on our list is Finn Hudson from Glee. He stood beside Rachel through a cheating scandal and even her going away to New York. He is our classic “good guy” that keeps an eye on Rachel even when she starts dating another guy. Not only were the television characters in love but this was a real-life romance, making it all the more heartbreaking when we had to say goodbye to Finn and the man who played him, Cory Monteith. May he rest in peace and forever be remembered as our good guy.

Finn Hudson

1. Number one on our list is the always sweet and forever caring Cory Matthews from the series Boy Meets World. Cory, who has found a lifelong romance with Topanga throughout the years, refuses to ever let her go and is continually there for her ever since childhood. We all blush a little when the young Cory tells Topanga in Season 3 Episode 1, “If I had to dream up the perfect woman, she wouldn't even come close to you”.

Cory Matthews


If you're a lucky girl, you may have already found your Cory Matthews. If not, there's plenty of fish in the sea and to keep in mind what you deserve, use this list as a guide to what you should be reeling in!

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