See the Cover of Amy Poehler’s New Book

It's coming. (And see? This is why the summer months are useless.) Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please, will be released on October 28, and all days in between don't matter.

However, since we're exactly four months away from the best day of our lives, Dey Books have released an image of the cover, helping to tide us over until fall (when we will talk to no one until we've finished reading).

The book itself is described as "memoir-ish" and will reportedly "tackle a variety of topics, from friendship and parenting to advice on love and life, all done with her inimitable wit." (The screaming of joy you hear is from me.) 

Fortunately, you can get one step closer by pre-ordering on Amazon now.

Meanwhile, in other Poehler news, the plot of her upcoming Pixar film, Inside Out, has just been released, and will revolve around 11-year-old Riley, who will be guided by her emotions while she adapts to a life in San Francisco. Anger will be voiced by Lewis Black, Fear will be voiced by Bill Hader, Disgust will be voiced by Mindy Kaling, Sadness will be voiced by Phyllis Smith, and Joy will be voiced by — drumroll, please — Amy Poehler (the "main and most important emotion"). That opens in June 2015, and yes, it's a wonderful time to be alive.

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