7 Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Maybe you’ve slept straight through your alarm, hit snooze a few too many times, or woke up to the type of morning that leaves you with deodorant stains on your silk top, egg in your hair and an epic coffee spill on your kitchen floor. Real life nightmares like these can really only mean one thing: you’re going to be late, VERY late, and from the neck up, you probably still look like you literally just rolled out of bed. Don’t panic, we’ll help you beat the clock with these 7 simple beauty cheats:

1. Skip the shampoo

On mornings you have zero time to wash, condition and blow dry your strands, ditch the suds and opt for dry shampoo to freshen your locks instead. To soak up any second day oil, work the powder into your scalp before quickly blasting your roots with your dryer to add volume. No dry shampoo on hand? Don’t sweat it, baby powder works just as well in a snap. Dab a large makeup brush in powder, lightly tap to remove the excess and apply to your roots. Just be careful to not overdo it, especially if you’re dark haired. Ashy, grey roots aren’t much better than greasy ones.

2. Combine steps

Prepping your skin with three or five different products can really eat up a whole lot of time. Shave minutes off of your routine by looking for products designed to do two or more things. Pick up a moisturizer with added SPF, or an all-in-one BB cream. Or, alternatively, combine your favourite products instead of layering them by mixing moisturizer, primer and foundation in your palms before smoothing over your face and neck.

3. Get creative

Can’t afford the extra few minutes it takes to rifle through the bottomless pit you call your cosmetics bag? Try smoothing a creamy lip stain on your cheeks in place of blush, and using a light, shimmery eye shadow to double as a highlighter. Using a nude lip gloss on your cheeks and eyelids can create a healthy dewy look in seconds, and a flesh coloured eye pencil blended beneath your brow bone can help disguise any new hair growth you can’t spare the seconds to pluck.  

4. Keep it simple

Master a five-minute face by keeping the focus on your cheeks and eyes. Smooth on concealer where you need it and set with powder, define and tame brows with tinted brow gel, swipe on mascara and add a hint of blush for a fast fresh face. Another option? Simply apply a bold lip and one coat of mascara for an effortlessly chic look. If you feel naked without eyeliner, only apply it on your upper and lower waterlines to get subtle definition in a blink.  

5. Style in seconds

If you’re really zapped for time, and can’t bear the thought of surrendering to a sloppy ponytail, skimp on the hot tools for a super speedy beachy look. For fail-proof waves, separate locks into two pigtails before misting with sea salt spray. Twist each tail into a bun, and blast with a diffuser until completely dry. Let buns set for a few minutes, then release for easy, carefree waves. For even more movement, braid sections of hair before applying texturizer, and gently run a flat iron along each plait. Let cool, then release. Voila! Hello sexy lived-in locks that look more polished than actual bedhead.

6. Do the one minute mani

Applying fresh nail colour before dashing out the door is a big no-no, unless you like a smudged mess. While it’s true that nothing can drag down your look quite like raggedy nails, early mornings are simply not ideal to take time out for a mani. To get presentable digits in a pinch, gently push back cuticles on bare nails before buffing and massaging in cuticle oil for subtle shine. If you can squeeze it in, use a white nail pencil under your tips.

7. Bronze a bare face

When you should have been out the door five minutes ago, have evened out your skin but are still more or less barefaced, make bronzer your go-to. Brushing bronzing powder across your forehead, eyelids, and down the bridge of your nose and across your cheekbones and chin can help wake up your face instantly with a shot of soft, glowing colour. 

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