How to Throw the Best Party… Ever

Who doesn’t love a soiree? (Or more specifically, a party if you feel like using just a regular word.) The answer: most people. And if you want to have your own, I say go for it! Dare to dream. I, personally, am far too worried about strange people touching my belongings to trust that many guests in my personal space, but that’s why I just come over to your house and bring you wine. Then we both win.

But if you are planning on hosting, here’s some tried and true tips that will prevent a meltdown and ensure success. Disclaimer: these do not apply to raves. In terms of raves, I don’t even know where to begin. 

1. Invite only your friends
We are adults, you guys, and that means one thing: we get to invite our friends and people we like to parties and get-togethers. That person in the office who threw up all over somebody’s desk during the Christmas party? He doesn’t have to come! He doesn’t have to be invited, because this is your house, and only people you want in your house get to come to your house. Simple as that. And if you feel bad about having a party and not inviting people you don’t want in your house? It’s second-location time: a bar, a restaurant, a lounge. Somewhere your furniture won’t be maimed.

2. Be honest
Some of us don’t like to cook (hi), and are very good at ordering pizza (hi again). If that’s the case, own it. This is your party, and if you want you-friendly foods/drinks, you’ll save yourself some serious time and stress by just embracing your thing. You’re having people over “ you’re opening your house up to people you like. If they’re your pals, they’re not going to frown about shrimp rings and take-out (and if they do, we will gladly attend in their place, and shun them accordingly). 

3. Ask for help
Help is a good thing. Help is a Beatles song. Help isn’t gossip fodder, and it will certainly make you less likely to curl up and weep the longer the evening progresses “ so don’t be afraid to ask for it. We’ve all freaked out over food or logistics, and friends aren’t going to be rattled if you ask for a hand in the kitchen or if they can bring anything. Otherwise they’re not real friends (and absolutely do not deserve to be eating your food and hanging out at your house). A party isn’t supposed to be stressful, so help eliminate the stress by evening out the workload.

4. Don’t overthink it
Odds are if someone’s invited to your house, they’re just excited to be invited to your house. When’s the last time you’ve gone to a party and judged the person having it or their home? Never, probably, because that would be the worst. So remember that. The point of a get-together is to hang out and have fun “ the minute it’s not fun, the whole purpose of your party has been defeated. So remember this: bunch of people you know are just going to be jazzed they don’t have to cook tonight, and you get to have a few drinks without worrying about finding a cab.

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