Top 6 Hair Trends for 2013

After a few months of dry, winter air, spring is always welcome, especially when it comes to our hair.

Gone are the days of leaving your house with perfectly coiffed hair, only to have a gust of wind make you look like a troll doll.

Now that spring has finally sprung, here are some hot trends for your tresses, inspired by our favourite celebrities!


Veronica Lake Waves

Inspired by the screen sirens of the 1940s, voluminous luscious waves are back. Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Chastain wore the style on the Oscars red carpet. To get the look, set your hair overnight in foam rollers and brush them out the next day, or use medium-sized velcro rollers after blow drying.

Honey Hues

Lighten up your do with a warm honey colour. In between light brown and warm blonde, this deep blonde colour is flattering for warm and olive skin tones. Choose a blonde with a subtle strawberry undertone, or use Nicole Richie’s hue as a guide.

Pick a Posy

Update last year’s outdated flower crown with a more subtle way to bring the outdoors into your do. Dried flowers (or faux) can be weaved into bohemian and messy updos for a romantic touch. Baby’s breath can even be twisted together with long hair into a bun for a whimsical twist on a classic style. If wearing dried flowers is too much, silk floral headbands are very popular and add more polish and style than a plain plastic band.

Braid Crowns

The braid continues to dominate when it comes to haute hairstyles. This time, the braid is messier and can be incorporated into other styles like high buns and faux bobs. But the biggest braid trend is the crown. It might make you look like a Swiss miss, so make sure that you rough it up by pulling out pieces, and keeping layers to frame your face. And once Jennifer Lawrence has worn something, you know it’s the next hot thing.


70s Bangs

Take a cue from Kate Middleton and let your Zooey Deschanel-inspired bangs grow out and whisk them off to the side. The cut is flattering for all face shapes and they easily blend in with your layers. They also look less schoolgirl, and frame your face. Plus, when you grow tired of them, you can easily pin them out of the way or use a jeweled headband.

The Updated Bob

It seems that go bold or go home is a mantra this season when it comes to our locks. Stars from Julianne Hough to Leighton Meester have been chopping off their locks in favour of cropped bobs. To get the look without looking like you drive a minivan and wear navy pantsuits, make sure your cut still has piecey layers to frame your face and keep it youthful. Not willing to part with your length? A faux bob is a good option, but perfecting the style takes practice. Get tips from youtube hair gurus and make sure to have some shorter layers to blend in the bob and hide any bobby pin magic.


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