How to Recover From a Job Loss

Losing your job can be a big blow to your self-esteem, your pride and your bank account. While it might not seem like it now, losing your job is not the end of the world. There are much worse things that can happen and you should approach this job loss as an opportunity to really step back and figure out what you want to do with your life. If you’ve recently lost your job, here are a few tips to help you recover and find the job of your dreams.

Ask Yourself Why

It’s easy to blame every person you’ve ever worked with to explain why you were either laid-off or fired from your job. But, perhaps it’s time to really ask yourself why the job just didn’t work out. If you were already unhappy, perhaps you just weren’t giving the job your all anymore. Or, maybe your personality just didn’t fit in with the job description. Take a step back and try to evaluate the situation and pinpoint the exact reason why you lost your job. The answer might be as simple as budget cuts, but there might have been something much deeper going on.

Look at the Big Picture

Now that you are a free agent, you have some extra free time to really think about what you want to do with your life. What would your ideal job be? This is the perfect time to switch gears and give yourself that career change you were always wanting. Look into taking some courses and make the strides toward finding your dream job. If you were already on your desired career path, make a plan for yourself. Outline goals and where you’d like to be in five and 10 years from now.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush toward the first job opening you see. Stick to the career path you have outlined for yourself and only apply to the positions that really speak to you. Don’t worry if this process takes more than a few months. Keep your resume padded by volunteering, interning and consulting.


Once you have figure out which direction you want to take, start networking. Get yourself on social media websites (LinkedIn is especially useful) and find your way into industry events. Get in touch with any contacts you might already have and find out if they know of any openings that fit your expertise. For some, this kind of shameless self-promotion will feel foreign. But, it’s time to get out of our shell and put yourself out there.

Make a Budget

Now that you are out of job, you need to put yourself on a strict budget. You might want to consider getting a roommate or even moving back in with your parents. Every penny you own needs to be stretched as thin as possible. Create a budget for yourself and figure out how long your savings will last.

Have Some Fun

Look at the bright side — you now have time to do all the things you just didn’t have time for before. You can put up that wallpaper, make that scrapbook or go on that road trip. Spend your extra time with your friends and family and have a bit of fun and let loose. Blowing off some steam will allow you to approach your new situation a bit more relaxed.

Have you ever been fired or let-go from a job? How did you recover?

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