The Perks of Dating a Younger Man

You spot him (and stunning physique) from across the room. You move in for the kill. He’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s funny, he’s charming….and you’re smitten.

And then he drops the bomb…he’s years younger than you.

Now wait, wait. Before you chalk it up to a loss and walk away, we’re pleased to tell you that (in our first hand experience!) there is often more to younger men than meets the eye. So what are some of the biggest perks to dating a younger dude?

They make an effort

Most of the time these guys will feel so pumped to have the chance to be with such a fabulous older woman that they will do just about anything to impress you. This counts both in and out of the bedroom.

They’re fun and spontaneous

Forget staying in on a Friday night, drinking a bottle of wine in front of the TV, this guy will have you out and about, trying out the hottest new restaurants and dancing til 3am at the trendiest clubs. Embrace it!

They’re more mature

Wait…what? How can that be? Surprisingly though, you will find that the younger dudes who are into older women are that way because they tend to be more mature than their own counterparts…and a lot of times, more mature than their even older counterparts.

They have a LOT of sex

This isn’t too say that older men don’t like to have a lot of sex, most of them do, the difference is that younger men can often pull it off without passing out halfway through round two.

They are less bitter

Sure, they might have had their share of youthful heartbreak but these guys tend to be far less bitter than guys who have put in a few more years on the dating/marriage/divorce circuit

They make you look younger

Interesting psychological fact: when someone is put in front of a group of people, they will automatically assume they are all around the same age. Therefore, hanging out with your younger dude and his friends will automatically make you look younger.

They make you feel younger

In addition to looking younger, you will also find that this guy will often bring out the more carefree and childlike side of you that probably got lost somewhere between the ages of 25-30.

They motivate you to get fit

Nothing can scare a woman right back to the treadmill then the thought of jumping into bed with the rock-solid abs of a 22-year-old man. You can thank him later for your feeling sexier and healthier.

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