GIRLS Spoiler: Are Hannah and Adam Officially Together?

The third season of Girls is currently filming, and with it comes the invetiable (potential) spoilers. Today's? Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Adam (Adam Driver) may indeed be an item when the series returns.

If you remember the season two finale, Adam literally ran to Hannah when she was having a full-on mental breakdown, but fans were confused since Adam had previously displayed some questionable/harmful/disturbing behaviour (see: everything that happened with him in season two) previously. That, and the idea of a man "rescuing" Hannah felt a little over-the-top — unless we see it as a "new and improved" approach to TV's most controversial pair.

You can check out The Daily Mail for the photos of Dunham and Driver acting cute and couple-esque, and you can hypothesize below. Are Adam and Hannah going to "make it" in season three? Or are they essentially doomed to fail? 

And how did Hannah come back so well from her self-made haircut? Because let's be honest: her hair looks amazing now, so as fans of the show, we are owed some sort of explanation. (At least for continuity's sake.)

Girls returns to HBO in 2014.

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