How to Choose the Right Shade of Lipstick

Spring is upon us! Lipsticks are getting brighter as the sun starts to linger longer. Which lipstick is best for you, and how do you find the right shade that doesn’t scream brighter than your clothes?

The first thing to always keep in mind when choosing a lipstick is to think about your wardrobe, one that you already own, and one that you are building for the arrival of a new season. Winter can be so drab and sometimes because of that, we tend to rest the colorful lips at bay. But alas, the sun is finally waking up, and so should those colorful lips of yours! Here are some tips to help you draw out some colorful kisses!

  • Be aware, but be daring: Regardless of your natural lip color, a little dramatic flair on your lips can amplify your outfit for just the right occasion. For example, if you are adorning bright peach Capri’s or fire engine red denim, try to intensify your look by choosing a color of lipstick that is in the same family of colors so that your outfit is completed from head to toe and not just neck down!

  • Don’t smear just any lipstick: After you find the right shade, keep in mind the ingredients that are in those sticks. You will be hoping for long lasting color that can also help hydrate on those humid and sticky days, be sure to stay away from lipsticks that contain petroleum, paraben, harmful colorants and acetate. All those ingredients can lead to lips feeling parched, dyed, and irritated. One of my favorites is Lip Tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics available at Sephora. Their lipsticks come in liquid form, are vegan, and lasts for hours!

  • Tools are not for fools: Now that we have the right shade, and a safe brand, we must look onwards to creating the perfect lines and flawless blend of color. When using a bright color always use a lip brush so as to not smear any color outside of your lips. For color to stay longer even after some of it wears off, using a lip liner before and after applying lipstick will work best and how will you know if you have a lip liner that is the right color? You shouldn’t be able to tell that you have lip liner on, just flawless lips ready for photo op!

So there you have it, regardless if the sun is out and about, your colorful lips will be and there is nothing standing in your way!

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