Melissa McCarthy Celebrates Two Big Wins on Emmy Night

It was a big night for Bridesmaids star, Melissa McCarthy “ and it wasn’t only her Emmy win that made headlines. The star followed up her best comedy actress win for Mike & Molly by selling a sitcom.

McCarthy sold her very first pilot script the same night of the Emmys. She put together the script with her husband/co-writer, Ben Falcone, and the pair sold it to CBS.

The husband and wife team will co-write and co-executive produce the sitcom, which has yet to be named.

The show is about what a midlife crisis means for a woman, which is very different from the way it affects men, McCarthy told HBO after her Emmy win.

The show will feature the main character “ who also hasn’t been chosen as of yet “ while she experiences a spectacular midlife crisis. Sounds like a lot of drama!

Based off of McCarthy’s comedic history, all we can picture is hysterical fits of laughter.

McCarthy will also take her hilarious antics to the stage at Saturday Night Live when she hosts the show on October 1st, 2011.

The 41-year-old actress also recently ventured into movie-writing and sold a feature script to Paramount Pictures. Everything is coming up Millhouse for this Hollywood actress!


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