New Couple Alert! Is Blake Lively Dating Ryan Reynolds?

Blake Lively is on the rebound after her short lived relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, and seems to have turned towards her Green Lantern costar to help her move on.

Blake and Ryan Reynolds have been seen on dates all over Boston. The two were recently seen at the Boston South Station at 5 a.m., where onlookers say they had a very affectionate goodbye. Ryan even paid a little visit to Blake on the set of her television show, Gossip Girl.

One source close to Blake has said that the two have been dating casually. Now that they are both finally single, they want to try things out and see where it goes. Timing is everything!

Ryan has also been seen with Sandra Bullock a lot lately, and rumours have been swirling about a possible relationship. The two even went on a hiking vacation together with Sandy B’s son. I would love if this couple actually happened. After seeing them together in The Proposal, I’ve been not-so-secretly hoping that their chemistry isn’t just on-screen.

Do you think Blake and Ryan make a good couple? Or, would you rather see Ryan with Sandra?

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