How to Pull Off a Monochromatic Outfit

Now I am not saying everyone go out and wear an all white or black outfit, this article is more about being creative and trying this trend with colors. This can really be done with any color you like, be creative! So pick your favourite color and lets get going!


Number one tip of all – you have to keep this look simple! Don't go for overly frilly or heavily layered pieces, this look needs to have a very simple and nice flow. Try not to confuse the eye and look like you tried too hard.


Try different textures and shades

To be careful to not look overdone, you have to make sure you add different textures into the outfit. If your shirt is a red cotton, try adding a red leather skirt or pant! This will add some contrast and keep the eye interested! I find this trend works best with ladies suits! Add a lighter tone of the color you choose underneath the suit to add some dimension. 


Mix it up

Each piece should be a bit of a different shade (unless what you are wearing comes together.) If you are just trying out this trend, use what you have in your closet. It will be hard to find a sweater that perfectly matches the hue of the pants, but don't worry! This will help you from looking like a giant banana (or blueberry or strawberry…) 



By throwing in a gold statement necklace or a different colored purse, this will help offset the color of the main outfit. This is also a great trick if you just aren't ready to dive right into this trend just yet. This includes lipstick! A full red outfit and red lipstick has been done and it looks amazing! But make sure to pick accessories and makeup that accents the color, not ones that add confusion!


Head first

If you are willing to dive right into this trend head on, then go for it all! Match your shoes, purse, shirt and bottoms for a very 'look at me' statement. Now be mindful of looking like one big color blob, still take the top tips into consideration!

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