Tips for Wash n’ Go April Showers!

April showers bring¦ beautifully soft hair, plush, glowing skin and an overall sense of well-being. Yes, these things can be achieved; in lieu of the quick wash n’ go morning routine, enjoy a little pampering in the steam and step out of the shower looking and feeling extra gorgeous.


Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-to-Oil, $34

What feels more divinely luxurious than a silky, sumptuous oil? Yep, nothing. Which is why smoothing Bliss’ brand new Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-to-Oil cleanser is the most sumptuously enjoyable experience you can have when washing your face. When massaged onto dry skin, the innovative gel formula emulsifies into a gorgeous, lightweight cleansing oil, melting away makeup and impurities. Oil attracts excess oil, so when rinsed away, your skin is left super clean, yet super supple thanks to its nourishing and smoothing texture that truly feels incredible on skin.

Clarisonic Aria, $230

When it comes to cleansing brushes, the Clarisonic still reigns supreme. The most advanced of the bunch, the Aria, boasts a customizable 3 speed cleansing experience for polished, perfect skin. It removes six times more makeup and sweeps away twice as much dirt and oil than manually cleaning, which results in gorgeously smooth texture and diminished pores. Gently buffing away flaky, dead skin, the Clarisonic Aria also creates the perfect canvas for better absorption of moisturizer and skincare products, leaving skin plump and radiant. The results are as amazing as the brush feels when buffing skin, making your usual routine feel like a spa-like experience.


L’Occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil, $24

Nicole Richie proclaimed she won’t shower without this gorgeous, unique cleansing oil, and we have to agree: this divinely scented, supremely pleasurable shower oil really luxuriates showering, boosting your experience into spa-like territory. Hydrating and toning skin, this silky oil lathers into a rich foam, leaving skin satiny-soft and refreshed.

Clarisonic Luxe Body Brush Head – Velvet Foam, $36

This little wonder brush doesn’t stop at your face: in fact, there are a few varieties of brushes for the body. Supremely soft bristles smooth skin thanks to their ultra long, tapered filaments. Flexible and extra cushy, the Luxe Body Brush Head creates a beautiful foaming lather for an ultra clean, soft result.


Alterna Caviar Clinical® Exfoliating Scalp Facial, $36

Any avid avoiders of traditional shampoo who swap it out for dry shampoo at least a few times a week? Us too. Go ahead and spray away, but once a week, indulge in a scalp treatment to exfoliate and cleanse away product buildup. First of all, this ˜scalp facial’ feels absolutely incredible and truly soothes, cleanses and moisturized for the healthiest scalp possible. The formula features tiny, exfoliating microbeads that are distributed with a unique brush-like applicator. Massaged into small sections in a circular motion, this is the most relaxing and enjoyable way to rebalance your scalp for a completely comfortable result.

Josie Maran Self Heating Oil Packets, $36

After a good scrub resulting in a clean, happy scalp, delight strands with a deeply moisturizing treatment for a full-on healthy head. Josie Maran’s Self Heating Oil Packets are pre-measured and feature a thick enough formula to never escape fingers, sadly only smoothing your drain. When warmed between palms, you can feel the oil self-heat to the perfect temperature for penetrating hair. The warm, cushy feeling does more than make your shower a joy: with it’s Argan Oil spiked formula, which contains a ton of mega moisturizing vitamin E, your strands will be left amazingly soft thanks to the damage-reversing properties.


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