Big Brother Canada Week 3 Recap

It’s week 3 of Big Brother Canada and there is no time to even think about stopping to catch your breath. Just as quickly as the houseguests booted Sindy out of the door, two more were put up on the block. As HOH Kevin was whisked away to the vault and informed that there would be an instant eviction. In only five minutes, he had to secretly nominate two houseguests for eviction and was informed that if he told anyone about what happened he would be instantly evicted “ because clearly what happens in the vault stays in the vault. Going with what he thought the house would want, he chose to nominate Naeha as his target and Brittnee as a pawn.

Not knowing what was to come, the houseguests wasted no time talking game with Kevin and trying to get on his good side while celebrating Johnny’s birthday. Jordan, who has been caught in a bromance triangle with Zach and Kevin, came up with the perfect solution to merge the two alliances and formed the aptly titled Bromuda Triangle  alliance.  This means that maybe now we can stop feeling secondhand embarrassment for Kevin every time he tries to make the fortress alliance happen. It’s never going to happen.

The campaigning continued later by the pool, when Naeha, decided to reveal to Kevin that he had been Bobby’s true target last week and urged him to team up with her. Unfortunately for her, it was all too late, as the next morning Arisa woke the houseguests to inform them of the instant eviction, shocking and angering the house. With no chance to save themselves other than a short speech, Brittnee pleaded to stay while Naeha activated her alter ego Slay-ha, threw her hair back in a messy bun, and gave a speech that came off like a college fight chant. By telling the houseguests She’s a fighter and this is her game, she reminded them of exactly why they should vote her out.

In an unconventional vote where the houseguests were forced to publicly reveal their votes, Naeha was sent out the door to an empty studio by a 9-2 vote. That’s if you count Graig’s vote for Nehea, but hey, he ain’t good at spelling, and with a name like Graig, why would he be?

With Naeha out of the picture, the girls realized that their numbers were dwindling, and Sara and Brittnee were over it. At the HOH challenge, they were paired off and forced to balance on small wobbly gears until only one person was left standing. All fired up from Naeha’s brutal eviction, Brittnee and Sara hugged it out until they won and chose Brittnee as the HOH, while Graig and Bruno tried a different strategy, going for a romantic Jack and Rose from Titanic pose, and we all know how that movie ends.

With Brittnee as HOH, big changes were in store for the house. Fresh of the block for two votes in a row, Brittnee had gone From pawn to queen and was out for revenge, telling Canada to buckle up and put on their sassypants, or in otherwords, It’s Brittnee, B*tch. Complete with gin in hand and an invisible crown on her head, Queen Brittnee constructed a master plan to get her target Graig out of the house by pulling in the support of Jordan, Zach, and Johnny.

In her nomination speech, Brittnee went from model to actress, leading the house to believe she was making an emotional decision by nominating the two people who had nominated her, Bobby and Kevin, and then eluding to her Bigger fish to fry being Johnny, by telling the house she never forgets when someone writes down her name. Graig ate up her performance and celebrated, foolishly thinking that he had manipulated Brittnee into targeting Johnny, when in reality Brittnee was gunning for him.

At the POV challenge, the ˜V’ stood for vomit, as the houseguests had to spin around hundreds of times to unravel three giant spools of thread and transfer them onto another one. The competition quickly turned into a barf fest, as some players over did it and became dizzied and confused. This included Sarah, who had to tap out of the competition after a minor panic attack. She pointed out that this would never happen in the real world because she could just smoke a blunt to calm down. Great point, so the next time you’re spinning around to unravel a giant spool of thread in the real world, you go right ahead, Sarah.

In the end, it was Johnny who won the veto, giving himself the opportunity to gallantly save his on-again off-again cuddle buddy Kevin. When Graig noticed Johnny spending a bit too much time with Brittnee and Sarah before the veto ceremony, he finally picked up on Brittnee’s bad vibe towards him and confronted Johnny about spreading lies to turn Brittnee against him. In the end, Brittnee dropped a truth bomb on Graig, telling him she did not want a bully in the house and put him up as a replacement nominee, to which Graig responded, and I quote Hashtag Ginja Ninja. Hashtag 604, peace. With Graig finally on the block, there was little campaigning to be done. Bobby tried to lay low and repair his relationships, and Bruno tried to convince the house to keep his pal Graig around to use as a shield. Meanwhile, Zach and Ashleigh did this:

and Kevin played outside in his underwear.

Despite Bruno’s efforts to save Graig, the Ginja Ninja was a sinking ship, and the house couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get him out. In his pre-eviction speech he confronted Johnny yet again, claiming that he is not a bully and called Johnny insecure “ to which Johnny’s response was

and by a vote of 10-0 the Ginja Ninja was sent out the door, making him the first member of the Chop Shop alliance to get the chop. In his exit interview with Arisa, she teased Graig by saying, What if I told you there might be a way for you to get back in the house? but much like his time under Brittnee’s HOH reign, he struggled to take a hint and said I don’t know how I would react and that he might not want back in the house. Hope you’re listening, KFC Gods.

Speaking of holy snack foods, Arisa has revealed the latest Twistos Twist. Next week, Canada will hold the power of veto and will be voting online to decide whether to force the use of the veto or make it a double veto and replace both noms. The week ended with an Oxiclean laundry themed HOH challenge where the houseguests searched for letters in a giant washing machine to spell a phrase. To find out who won the challenge and will hold the power next week you will have to wait until Sunday, but as always you can peep the houseguests on the 24/7 live feeds at

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