Your Guide To Ear Piercings

By Alison McGill

Are you ready to elevate your earring game? If you have been toying with the idea of a second, third or fourth ear piercing, there’s no time like the present as the ear has become the choice zone to accessorize with a beautifully curated ear stack. Just as the pandemic has influenced all things, it can be credited for the exploding popularity of ear piercings too.

“So many of our day-to-day habits have been influenced by the new normal we’re living in, and that includes how we adorn ourselves,” explains Melanie Auld, owner of Melanie Auld Jewelry which has boutique locations in Vancouver and Toronto. “Existing more in virtual spaces means we are showing off our ears. The great news is if you are looking for piercing studios they have also become more accessible and personalized. At our stores we feel grateful we are able to offer a unique and comfortable space for people of all ages to get pierced.”

At Auld’s two studio locations lobe piercing is currently available, which she notes is on the lower end of the pain scale (Auld reports they will be will be expanding piercing services to the upper parts of the ear this spring). She loves to see how creative customers are when it comes to their piercings, with many opting for a perfectly imbalanced look where the number of piercings are not consistent per ear. Piercings are administered with a 20 gauge hypodermic and sterilized needle and the service is complementary with the purchase of a pair of stud earrings which have been sterilized, autoclaved, and packaged expressly for piercing.

Post-piercing, the aftercare is vital says Auld as you want to ensure proper healing and prevent infection. “Healing times vary from person to person and is dependent on how well the piercing is cared for,” Auld says. “Wash your hands before cleaning your piercing and avoid touching it any other time. Cleanse with a spray of saline solution twice a day an dry your piercing with a clean cloth. You also need to be mindful of physical activity as you are healing as a knock or a bump to the area can cause swelling or soreness during the healing phase.”

Now for the fun part: Building your ear stack! Auld says the trend today is to mix and match studs to create a highly personalized look. For an lobe with three piercings, Auld suggests starting with a classic diamond stud or small diamond hoop as anchor earring. Then have some fun with some edgier designs in your second and third piercings. “We have a serpent stud which is one of our favourite picks if you want to add some edge to your stack. For the third earring choice, I love a diamond bar or bar stud style earring which adds some length up the ear. If you’re not quite ready to commit to multi-piercings, test-drive the look with a studded ear cuff—it will make a huge style impact on those virtual calls!”

//photo credit//Courtesy of Melanie Auld Jewelry//

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