The Best Summertime Moisturizers

Just because you’re not bundling up and protecting your hands against the harsh grips of winter wind doesn’t mean we’ve got to forget about moisturizer come spring and summer. After all, thanks to sunburns (everyone’s finally got their SPF on-hand, right?) and even the inevitable tan, your skin still dries out, and since you’re showing it off a little more, you’re going to want to keep it hydrated. Here’s our guide to moisturizers and how to keep hydration spring-oriented. 

We’re not sure how many times we need to say it, but until we go the first heat wave without seeing sunburns, we’ll stress the importance of SPF-based moisturizers “ especially when it comes to your face. Not an excuse to skip out on sunscreen, a moisturizer with SPF does the job of hydrating and protecting, and if you head to chains like Aveda or The Body Shop, you’ll often be able to find a product that works with your daily beauty regimen. Just make sure that if you’re outside all day, double up: while your SPF 30 may seem foolproof, it won’t completely combat an afternoon spent under the sun.

But if you’re already suffering at the hands of UV, rest assured, there’s still ways of numbing the pain while moisturizing simultaneously. Products like Lush’s Skin Drink Moisturizer use the likes of avocado, rose oil and aloe to keep your skin hydrated, while Crabtree & Evelyn boasts a whole line dedicated to the herb (including lip balm). Just make sure that if you’ve already been burned, avoid strong-perfumed moisturizers, regardless of how sensitive they may be. They may smell great, but you don’t want to further damage or even chemically burn your skin.

Now that picnic season’s here, the days of washing your hands before you eat have subsided exponentially, and unless you want to ingest the equivalent of a subway pole, you’ll want to rock some antibacterial lotion to keep hands hydrated and germs at bay. Chains like Bath & Body Works boast a line of moisture bead-infused antibacterial products, while The Body Shop’s coconut hand sanitizer is perfect for keeping hands clean and moisturized. (Though we still promote the washing of hands in situations where possible.)

When it comes to certain stores and their tried-and-true inventory, some brands work similarly regardless of seasonal orientation, but if you’ve been using the likes of cranberry, mint or anything else that conjures of imagery of fireplaces and sweaters, it’s time to switch gears and invest in spring. Opting for coconut, citrus and even lavender will not only physically make a difference, but a mental one. By switching your moisturizer per season, you’ll feel different, which is especially valuable if you’ve been drained by early nights and too much rain.

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