Rocking the Center Part

Thanks to the 70s, 90s and any actress who’s abandoned texture for a vibe parallel to the aesthetic of Singles, the centre part has made a masterful transition into the hairstyle spectrum of 2011. The only question? How to do it. But luckily, we’ve got the tricks of the trade ready to share with you so that if you’re vying to go symmetrical, you’ll ace it instantly.

Keep It Modern
While we all know the centre part’s been claimed as a fashionable hairstyle endeavor, it’s also been the can’t be bothered to really take care of myself look of countless decades, so it’s key to set yourself apart. If you’re hoping to channel the runway or red carpet looks of 2011, make sure to blunt your ends to keep them fashion-forward “ or if you’re not attached to your length, opt for a bob ala Alexa Chung or Chloe Sevigny to keep your style looking fresh and clean.

Train, Train, Train
Like a well-trained athlete, your hair can’t go from being parted at the left to staying put at the centre, so before you get discouraged with the transition from side bangs to middle-ground (sorry, we had to), train it with product and bobby pins, and refuse to abandon your cause if a cowlick retaliates. Keep in mind that blow-drying your hair in the opposite way of your natural part can help contradict stubborn cowlicks, but regardless of tricks and good intentions, it’s best not to wait for a big night out to showcase your need to don the centre part. (After all, you wouldn’t run a marathon without going for a warm-up jog “ don’t ask your hair to do the equivalent.)

Style Change
Odds are that by donning the centre part, you’re changing a hairstyle formerly reserved for an asymmetrical look (like side bangs), or a textured style defined by shorter front layers. However, if you’re in the growing out process, you’ll want to head to your stylist to shorten your locks or at least help blend your bangs into the rest of your hair. That way, your centre part will look intentional and modern “ as opposed to a move made in frustration while attempting to grow-out your locks.

Don’t Overstyle
The thing about bangs, side bangs or even layers is that without consistent styling, you’re setting yourself up for a relatively stringy-haired look that’s destined to bring you down (especially come hot summer temperatures). Enter: the centre part, and the effortlessness that comes upon it naturally, as blunt bobs and long styles evoke the grunge feel of the mid-1990s. (Of course, we still advise that you brush and wash your hair regularly “ not just for yourself, but for everyone else in your office.)

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