Fun With Vintage Fashion

With the cool vintage look of TV’s show Mad Men and the fondness fashion has in general for 60’s clothing, its always a good idea to go on the hunt for vintage fashion. For one thing vintage is simply fun. Who doesn’t love styles that continue to come back over the years?

Shopping for Vintage Fashion
The first places to scout out vintage clothing are vintage clothing stores and second-hand stores. Clothing from decades ago, especially the era of Mad Men, may be sized smaller than you typically find nowadays, so try on anything you have an interest in. Vintage clothing stores will feature fashions from various eras, giving you a great chance to pinpoint styles you like the most. With vintage stores you may pay a higher price for well cared for, high quality used clothing. Second-hand stores may make it difficult to find a good item because the clothing may be in not quite as good a shape as vintage stores, but prices will be good on items. It’s worth shopping at both vintage and second-hand stores to find select pieces to add to your wardrobe over time.

Fashion at Vintage and Second-Hand Stores
Generally you will find many accessories in vintage and second-hand stores. Accessories from the early to mid-1900’s gives you a path to ease into, incorporating vintage style into your wardrobe. Vintage hats, scarves, belts, shoes, and jewelry are a great way to build your vintage style. Vintage jackets are another way to add to your modern wardrobe, mixing current and past fashions together. Like the menswear style of dressing from the movie Annie Hall? There are plenty of menswear items in vintage and second-hand stores to choose from. Are you a 60’s fan? Search for tie-dye, sandals, scarves, long tunics and aged, patched jeans for a true retro look.

Pair Vintage Clothing with Hair and Makeup
If you want to go the full gamut of retro style, pair your retro fashions with the appropriate hair and make-up for that era. If you search online you will find examples of each decade’s hair, make-up, and clothing. Pair your decade’s fashions with the right hair and make-up to make your vintage look complete.

If You Find Vintage, Buy It Now
When you are shopping in vintage and second hand stores if you find something you like, buy it then. Chances are a vintage item will not be around if you wait and think things over. If the price is right and it looks great on you, buy it now. Wearing vintage fashions lends you a personal statement on your style, your sense of fun, and your creativity when it comes to a well rounded wardrobe.

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