Tips for Wearing Hats this Summer

Perhaps it was this spring’s Royal Wedding, or the return of the 1970’s to summer fashion, or maybe the sunny weather is just causing all of us ladies to become practical, but hats have suddenly increased in cool factor. You may not be able to wear a huge wide-brimmed fedora to an afternoon movie, or to work, but there are ways to add a chic hat into your daily look.

Loose-brimmed straw floppy hats are back with a vengeance, and go particularly well with this season’s printed maxi dresses, flowing peasant blouses, and basic whites. The easy, laidback summer vibe of these hats, along with their neutral colour, makes them a simple choice to pair with your favourite day off outfit.

Check out Zara’s Wide-Brimmed Hat in Fuchsia, $19.99. Available at Zara.

Wide brims, the occasional broad ribbon, and a sturdy structure makes these a shore thing for your summertime wardrobe! Beach hats are perfect for combining with a swimsuit cover-up and espadrilles for a casual day of sun and sea.

Check out Coach’s Sun Hat in Natural, $178. Available at Coach.

Ladylike touches
Crocheted hats featuring floral touches are part of the hat trend as well. Try wearing one paired with a ruffled sundress, an armful of bangles, and flowing waves. Happy summer, ladies!

Check out Spring’s Boom Hat in Natural, $19.99. Available at Spring Shoes.

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