First Date Outfit Ideas

So he finally asked you out and all of the anxiety goes away, right? Wrong. What to wear on your first date can be more stress than the build-up to the date itself. Instead of ending up with a pile bigger than Mt. Everest on your bedroom floor from all of the outfit changes, equip yourself with our guide to first-date-outfit dominance. With your outfit woes off the table, you’ll be focused on how to win him over.

Movie Date
You can look adorable, not have to say too much for two hours, and maybe your arms will touch…instant magic. Afterwards, you can go for a walk in the area (provided you’re not in a giant parking lot) or go grab an apres beverage to discuss the possibility of another Planet of the Apes movie. So what to wear? The movies are notoriously too cold no matter if it’s January or July. Plan for jeans, like the trendy microflare from Joe’s Jeans and lots of layers up top. We love a patterned tank under a boyfriend blazer or a nautical striped henley under a big cardigan. If for some reason the A/C is broken at the theatre, you’ll slip your cardigan off to reveal a shoulder he’s going to want to lean on. Again, keep the inevitable chill of the theatre in mind when choosing your footwear and keep a closed toe as your number one choice. If you want to accessorize, try a headband or some layered bracelets. Avoid bangles, which come across as annoying as a cellphone talker in a movie.

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Although it’s tempting to want to put on your finest cocktail dress and bare it all, some things are better left to the imagination. Especially on a first date. You want to be confident and look stylish while not flaunting your assets (or worrying that there may be a wardrobe malfunction – plunging necklines, we mean you!!) If you feel confident enough to show some skin, focus on one area: shoulders, legs, or cleavage. Revealing all of it might have him wondering if you’ve got a date with a nightclub after dinner. Pair a classic dress with a pair of shoes you can walk in. Since you’ll both have your nerves running on a first-date-high, consider your height. If there isn’t much of a difference between the two of you, it might be the night to keep the 4-inch heels at home. Ginnifer Goodwin’s black wrap dress is subtle, shows off her great legs, and leaves lots to the imagination.

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Be ready to walk, run, jump, and still look good? It’s all possible. Whether it’s a park date or a mini golf duel both weather-readiness and comfort have to have a place alongside looking great. Casual doesn’t have to mean dressing in mom jeans and sneakers. Warm day? Opt for a denim bermuda short. Rain clouds moving in? A skinny cargo is comfortable, sleek and very moveable. Don’t choose today to break in your new shoes. Wear your comfortable, worn-in gladiator sandals like Kate Bosworth and pick a favourite summer polish for your toenails. 

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Where to find it: (top row) bracelets at asos, bow headband at wetseal, turquoise bracelet at kmart, three headband set at forever21, chunky suede bracelet at asos. (middle row) chunky cardigan by All Saints, henley tank by Madewell, smocked floral tank at Old Navy, floral button-down cami by Rag & Bone, boyfriend blazer at Topshop. (bottom row) canvas oxfords at forever21, Eddie microflare by Joe’s Jeans, bow ballet shoes at Topshop.

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