Eco-Friendly Products to Buy on Earth Day

We can all do our part to save the environment, starting with the items we buy. With a little bit of research and effort, supporting local growers and fashion designers helps the environment while boosting the local economy. On Earth Day, especially, this is an important effort. Here are some eco-friendly products to use in all areas of your life.

Drying rack

Make the pledge to always wash your clothes in cold water and let them air dry. It will not only save you money, it will help the environment and prolong the lifetime of your clothes. This chic chrome drying rack isn’t an eyesore either!

Blue Avacado's eco shopper

Blue Avocado’s line of shopping totes are made of recycled plastic water bottles. With adorable prints designed by the fashionable Lauren Conrad, this convertible tote stores in a compact pouch and unzips into a large tote, perfect for picking up groceries or carrying around library books.

OKO Pure water bottle

Bottled water is a menace to society, clogging landfills with unnecessary waste. If you love the taste of pure bottled water, then the OKO Pure bottle is an inexpensive investment that will also cut down waste. The filter has a fine mesh made of natural coconut shell and the cartridge itself is fully biodegradable and compostable after over 40 refills. The product line also comes in a higher level of filter, which is useful when travelling, if the drinking water is questionable. The L2 filter was designer for use in NASA Space stations and has been lab tested to remove 99.999% of bacteria.


LUSH's Peace massage bar

Parabens, sulfates and chemicals wreak havoc on your skin and when it gets washed down the drain. The Peace bar by Lush Cosmetics is an organic bar that will melt onto your skin, and moisturize. Made of fair-trade and organic cocoa butter and various oils, the product is all-natural and the sale supports the local farmers of the Peace Community in Columbia. Lush’s Charity Pots is another inexpensive product that gives back to various ethical and conservation efforts around the globe.

Get Kitts panties

If you are looking to wear eco-friendly clothing, why not start with your underwear? Kitts are made locally in Toronto and are made of sustainable bamboo and modal fabrics. For each pair sold, they are donating a pair to local charities. You can donate every item of clothing to clothing drives, except for underwear, so this company is helping to fill that gap.


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