Fashion: What to Wear with Jeggings

We may have scoffed at them once upon a time, but if the past three seasons have taught us anything, it’s that jeggings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  True, they were hard to wear in the midst of 30 degree heat waves, but now that autumn weather is upon us, they can resume their place as your wardrobe go-to.  Here are four ways to take your jeggings into fall 2010.

All things oversize

When rocking jeggings, it’s important to remember that if they’re sans pockets, they’re not actual pants “ so while you may think you can flaunt them like your favourite skinnies, to pair them with a shorter top won’t do you any wonders.  Luckily, the shirt-dress trend from this summer has transitioned into fall, so those oversized dress shirts or vintage finds will pair perfectly with jeggings and ankle boots for an effortless look that’s always in vogue.

If you want to show off your figure, wrap a braided belt around your waist and roll up your sleeves, then step into slightly heeled boots to give your silhouette that added touch.  However, since jeggings are still grouped under the pant category, they’re not bona fide tights “ so to pair an actual dress with your bottoms will give you a dishevelled look in all the wrong ways.

Business casual

Keeping in mind the below the butt rule, you can still pair a blazer with your jeggings to glam up an otherwise casual outfit.  For dress-down days at the office, complement your bottoms with an oversize tank or plain v-neck and pair it with a blazer “ tailored or thrifted “ to pull it together.  Finish it off with heels or boots, and you’re ideal for both the workplace and happy hour drinks. 

Of course, you can easily reverse the professional look by embracing the casual: replacing the blazer with a denim jacket or leather bomber, and trading the heels for penny loafers or oxford flats.

Vintage chic

If there’s one trend that’s tried and true, it’s the thrill of the thrift, so if you’ve won out at the vintage shop, jeggings are the perfect way to compliment a statement sweater or an oversize tee.  Ideal for sweaters that would normally seem a little too roomy, the jeggings’ token elasticity balances out what would otherwise seem unflattering, and paired with loafers, flats and an oversize bag, you’ll score a look perfect for evenings and weekends.

Waist away

As the popularity of jeggings continues to rise, its varieties have increased.  Meaning?  Where they once functioned solely as glorified tights, jeggings are now considered a form of pant, so the old rule of pairing them solely with lengthy tops no longer applies “ as long as they have back pockets.  (Otherwise, you’ll be flaunting an early 2000s throwback or leaving nothing to the imagination.)

Therefore, if you’re rocking high-waisted bottoms, tuck in a fitted tank or t-shirt and rock an oversize cardigan with thigh-high boots to add an autumn feel to a summer evening aesthetic “ or if you want to embrace your rebellious nature, pair your jeggings with heels, a tucked-in satin blouse and leather bomber for that downtown look.

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