Ryan Phillippe and Demi Lovato Dating?

There’s a new Hollywood couple on everyone’s radar, and this one might just reach the top of the uh¦really? scale. Demi Lovato, at the tender age of 18-years-old, is reportedly dating 36-year-old actor, Ryan Phillippe. Apparently the 18-year age difference isn’t an issue for them like it would be for anyone else. Only in Hollywood!

Sources told E! News that the two have been snuggling up to each other for the past couple of months. The source reportedly told E! News that it was really hot and heavy for a while.

Lovato is coming out of a relationship with former That 70s Show star, Wilmer Valderrama, while Phillippe split with ex-girlfriend, Amanda Seyfried in June.

But it’s more than just the 18-year age gap that Lovato has to worry about.

A former flame of Phillippe, Alexis Knapp, just gave birth to their daughter Kai two weeks ago. There hasn’t been a paternity test to prove he’s the father just yet, although he has reportedly taken on the role regardless.

So how did Lovato deal with the news?

Lovato wasn’t even sure if Phillippe was expecting until it basically happened. It kind of threw her for a loop, a source told E! News.

Yeah, we’re sure that’s how it happened!

Phillippe is also father to Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7, with ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon.

Since the birth of his newest daughter, the fling has reportedly cooled down.

With the release of Lovato’s newest single, Skyscraper, she has hardly had time to throw her attention into anything but the promotion of her music “ so that’s been a contributing factor to the cool down as well.

The couple is still reportedly seeing each, but it’s hard to see this one lasting. Did I mention Phillippe is twice Lovato’s age?

We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for these two lovebirds.

Can you guys see this relationship working out?

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