Is Being a Model Enough?

According to model Candice Swanepoel, being a model isn't enough, and that if you want to guarantee longevity in the industry, you've got to get into . . . business.


"Some of the smartest businesswomen I know are models," she told Huffington Post Live. "There are so many beautiful girls around that you need more than that. It's really about being smart now and turning it into a business."

She's got a point: Elle Macpherson, Gisele Bunchden, Miranda Kerr, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, and a slew of others have made a name for themselves brand-wise. And understandably so — after a few years as a model, you've got to invest in other ventures. In the case of the above names, they got into everything from beauty products to fashion to TV to books, and even, in the case of Tyra Banks, to helping younger generations (via America's Next Top Model).

And this shouldn't be surprising. As stated by Swanepoel — a Victoria's Secret angel — models have a "thick skin" coming out of the industry (they'd have to, wouldn't they?) so they've got what it takes to go into another industry that's usually less than kind. And how backwards is it of anyone to be like, "models?! in BUSINESS?!" As if beautiful women can't also be smart? Well, we've got news for you, nay-sayers of the world: more and more models are taking over the world, and the next one up for the task looks to be Candice Swanepoel. 

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