Makeup Tips for Redheads

Let’s face it. Being a “Ginger” is hot. Just ask Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine (pictured here), Christina Hendricks, or Emma Stone. But these fair ladies often have trouble deciding what makeup to rock with their fiery red hair. Try out these tips.

If you are fabulously freckled like Lindsay Lohan, don’t try to hide them! Instead, use a sheer, mineral foundation. Likewise, if you have pretty porcelain skin like Nicole Kidman, a minimal coverage powder will look most natural. For fair skin, use a light, cream concealer to cover up redness and bluish under-eye circles “ both of which can be problem areas for redheaded women. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen “ even in wintertime!

While it is true that nude lipsticks tend to work well for red-haired women, a sexy red lip isn’t totally off limits! If you have a warm skin tone, try a bright, orangey red. If your skin tone is cooler, a darker red lipstick can add warmth and depth. However, the colouring of red-haired ladies can vary drastically, so always make sure to test out a new red lipstick so you don’t feel like you’re clashing with your ‘do. Red lips are all about confidence, so you want to feel comfortable in the hue you pick.

When you’ve got a fiery red mane, it doesn’t take much to make a statement. Instead, compliment your natural colouring with neutral eye shadows in taupe, camel or cream. For a smokier look a la Debra Messing, blend in a darker brown like chestnut. If you are looking to experiment with colour, deep purple and emerald green can make eyes pop without looking overdone.

Lashes & Brows
Unfortnately, most auburn beauties are not blessed with much in the way of eyebrows and eyelashes. To enhance light lashes and brows, use a brown mascara and pencil. Try a few different shades until you find one that looks natural and use a light hand while applying. Avoid anything too heavy or dark “ especially black! “ as this can look very fake.

For a playful look, apply a bit of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. For something a little sexier, try a peachy blush up higher on the cheekbones to enhance the natural angles of your face. However, beware using too much blush, which can make you look like a painted doll. Also beware bronzer, which can make the face appear tawny.  

One of the benefits to paler skin “ whether you have red hair or not “ is that you can pull off some pretty bold nail polish. In fact, crimson, chrome, navy and forest green tend to look better than the pale pink, white or nude hues that many other skin tones can be limited too.

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