Ole Henriksen Just Relaunched Its Entire Lineup and We Love It More Than Ever

Everyone has a go-to group of brands or products that they feel as though they can truly vouch for. Those covetable products that you fall in love with and squeeze every last drop out of the bottle before re-purchasing time and time again. One of those brands, for us, is Ole Henriksen (don’t believe me? Look at my Sephora bill from July 2016 when I bought four boxes of Power Bright).

Of course, what makes a brand worthy of gracing our beauty bags has little to do with the packaging (as some subpar products with stellar packaging have taught us). But that doesn’t mean it’s not fantastic when a brand that we already know and love gets a little facelift”because if we don’t expect our own looks to stay exactly the same, how can we expect the same for a brand?

This is why we were so excited to see the new and improved Ole Henriksen.

We caught up with Ole (pronounced “oo-lah”) in New York to learn a little more about the rebrand and his tkkkk: “The shopping experience in a Sephora store is now even easier because there are four new franchises, each of them addressing the most common concerns in skincare,” he explained. Broken down by colour, the four franchises–Truth, Transform, Balance and Nurture–offer up a total of 31 products, making it much easier to identify the products your skin really needs, without changing the existing formulas and products themselves. The new packaging is colourful, matte glass with a much more modern feel that will add a breath of fresh, citrusy-scented air to your vanity.

The new lines are:

The largest offering of all four franchises, Truth, which, according to Ole is, “bursting with vitamin C to brighten skin tone,” houses most of the hero products of the brand, including the infamous Truth Serum. Vitamin C is known to improve skin’s overall luminosity and, in this particular line, serves skin on every level, from cleansing to moisturizing and everything in between. (Plus, it smells like a citrusy dream.)

Transform does exactly what it claims: offers up a transformative range of products that target uneven skin tone and texture, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with anti-aging ingredients like AHAs, this line that builds upon Ole’s “exfoliate-treat-soothe” mantra will keep skin looking radiant and youthful (like Ole).

Balance is an all-new franchise to help those with excessively oily skin or those that require a bit more help when it comes to shine control and banishing blemishes. Using neem seed oil and a blend of green tea, eucalyptus, algae and Irish moss extracts, the line also helps refine pores.

Nurture was designed to hydrate intensely dry skin, while nourishing even the most sensitive of complexions, using blends of botanical ingredients, like sunflower, rosehip, moringa, borage, chamomile, cucumber and aloe. One spritz of the refreshing Pure Nurture Facial Water and you’ll see what I mean.

And while the ingredients in the skincare products themselves are super-important (obvs), Ole explains great skin comes from something more: “Really it’s about having a zest for life and sunshine coming from every part of your body.” Ole himself has a serious zest for life and his energy is absolutely infectious. A few minutes of speaking to him (while he was casually dancing during the interview) showed why, at 65, he has such amazing skin”chalk it up to the #oleglow.

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