Product Of The Week: Lavido Replenishing Facial Serum

Sometimes I feel like Goldilocks when it comes to facial serums. I have one for every benefit and conundrum life could ever throw my way and still, I want, I need more, so I keep trying the latest and greatest. I mean hey, my skin is never the same two days in a row, so I can’t possibly use the same products on it day in and day out. And this month, I’m all about Lavido Inspired By Nature’s Replenishing Facial Serum.

Thanks to being couped up inside 24/7 and mostly with the balcony door closed since it’s often too chilly to leave open despite it being springtime, my skin is a delightful combination of feeling dry and oily, and looking shiny and flaky. Well, at least it was until I started massaging in a drop of the serum onto my damp, clean skin every morning and night, before letting it soak in and then applying my favourite face creams.

Made from organic and vegan ingredients only, the serum’s formula contains organic pomegranate seed oil, distilled lemon myrtle and cold-pressed mandarin oil. All combined, the Replenishing Facial Serum works to plump up my skin, while adding and locking moisture inside my epidermis. Crafted in Israel by herbalist Ido Magal in 2003, the formula is highly concentrated, tested by dermatologists and reputed for improving skin hydration, firmness and elasticity. And so far, I have noticed these improvements. But maybe even more important is that it lives up to the brand’s tagline, inspired by nature, so you won’t find even a hint of mineral oils, petroleum, silicone, parabens, synthetic dyes, alcohol or fragrances.

Laved Replenishing Facial Serum, $79.65 for 30 ml, available online at

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