Product Of The Week: Laline White Cherry Blossom Body Scrub

We love our shower time. Sometimes we even sing a little. We also love the smell of sweet, light and airy cherry blossoms, so of course we’re scrubbing up in the shower with Laline’s White Cherry Blossom Body Scrub.

Crafted with dead sea salt to remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt and grime, the scrub’s formula is effective while simultaneously super gentle on our body’s skin. This type of deep cleansing through exfoliation is important for us during the warmer months. The humidity and heat makes us sweat and causes our body’s skin to produce more oil, which leaves us feeling sticky and gross. It can also clog our pores causing our skin to form tiny little bumps on the backs of our arms and across our back. But with just one session under the running water and a loonie-sized dollop of the scrub rubbed all over, we’re removing it all for cleaner, healthier skin.

The product’s formula also includes an infusion of sunflower, avocado and grape seed oils to add a soft touch. These oils help hydrate our body from the neck down, keeping it smooth and supple feeling and looking. The moisturization lasts all day too. So much so that on hot and humid days, we skip the extra step of applying a body lotion once we get out of the shower and simply dry off and go.

But the best part isn’t that the product is paraben and cruelty-free, although we’re grateful for that. Nope. We’re all about the cherry blossom scent. Natural smelling, the scent is fresh and delicate and doesn’t overpower our senses or our favourite perfume.

Plus, it always makes us feel like we’re standing in Toronto’s High Park during the spring’s cherry blossom season.

Laline Cherry Blossom Body Scrub $39 for 500 g, available online at

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