7 Essential Pro Makeup Tips from Max Herlant

Max Herlant, Yves Rocher’s makeup artist has over 25 years of experience in Europe.  His techniques help women take years off their age. In our interview he tells me how to get the best liner and glow. Read on for pro tips from Herlant himself to help liven up your makeup routine so you can put your best face forward each day.

Skin Essential Steps

Removing all your makeup at night is KEY, says Herlant.  If you’ve removed all your makeup at night, your skin will be way more rested and easy to work with. Take the time to really massage your day cream into your skin in the morning. This will prep your skin, which is key to a beautiful look.

Morning Speeding Tips

Applying makeup in the morning can be stressful if you don’t know what your essentials are. Herlant says, The most important products every woman should include in her makeup routine are foundation, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss and blush. . But, keep in mind that the most important thing is your complexion. You should make sure you find the perfect foundation shade for you. Once that’s done, you’ll see that applying your foundation will be much easier and faster each morning because it seems to disappear when you apply it since the shade fits your complexion perfectly. Then finish off your routine with the remaining products. By keeping it simple, your face routine can take 5 minutes each morning.

Imitate a Healthy Glow

The whole purpose of using a blush is to get a healthy glow. And when you have a natural healthy glow, after being outside in the cold for example, the natural colours that appear are not only on your cheeks but on your ears, nose, forehead, chin and so on. Recreate a natural healthy glow by applying a little bit of blush at your hairline, on your earlobes, nose, chin and cheeks. This should be done very, very lightly, with just a little bit of powder blush on your brush. You’ll see, this will give you a healthy glow as if you just came back from a vacation at the cottage for a week!

Widen Those Eyes

Apply mascara on the length of your lashes and then intensify the lashes at the outer corner of your eyes with a few extra strokes to  make your eyes look bigger. Then, apply white or light beige eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eyes. This  highlight really opens up the eyes making them  brighter and bigger.

Keep that Liner Straight

Everyone struggles with creating the perfect line, but Herlant has excellent tips to make the job that much easier for you: Instead of using a mirror on the wall in front of you, lay down a mirror in front of you on a table. When you lower your head to apply your eyeliner, your eyelid will also be lowered which will give you a perfect angle. Also, by doing so, your eyes won’t have the tendency to wink as much.

Another great way to ensure a  straight line is to use an eyebrow pencil first to trace the line , Since the eyebrow pencil is dry and light, it will be easy to erase if you make a mistake. Once you’ve drawn a perfect straight line with your eyebrow pencil then it will be easy to just follow that line with your liquid or gel eyeliner.

Get Plump Lips

Give the illusion of plumper lips by accentuating them with this pro tip Herlant uses on his clients:  The best way to accentuate the lips is to use white eye shadow over the V of the lip to give the appearance of a plump lip, says Herlant.  But, if your lips are thin, then line the upper lip as an arch instead of the cupids bow to create the thickness illusion.

Stock up on Juice and Soda

You should always keep a can of soda or juice in your fridge. In the morning, you can use it to smooth your skin and under eye bags. After applying your day cream and eye cream, roll [the cold can] softly all over your face, on your eyes and under your eyes. This gives a really nice, cooling and decongestant effect! 

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