4 Planet-Friendly Lip Balms

More and more women are becoming vegetarian or eco-conscious and aiming for beauty products that think the same way. We don’t want to harm animals and only the best and most natural ingredients are safe for our skin and bodies. But what happens when we reach for our favourite lip gloss only to discover it contains no cruelty-free symbol and we have no idea how to pronounce anything on that long list of ingredients? That’s when we come to a crossroads, but there is one happy path: we’ll choose one of the following brands and their products for guilt-free lips.

Animal lover seeking shiny lips: Jack Black lip balm (cruelty-free)
Try Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm. Do not let the name fool you”this gel-like lip balm heals dried lips in no time and proudly sports the cruelty-free symbol. It comes in fun flavours too, like lemon and chamomile or mint and shea butter, and the bottle is so tiny it can even fit in your pocket.

Dry lips craving safe ingredients: Consonant lip moisturizer (organic ingredients)
Consonant is renowned for its dedication to organic ingredients and natural skin products. Their Ultra Moisturizing Lip Conditioner is 100% natural and composed of 100% organic ingredients.

Animal lover striving for smooth lips: Bonne Bell (not tested on animals)
We’ve all gone through the Bonne Bell lip smacking phase in high school, but it really shouldn’t be a phase. Bonne Bell proudly sports their policy of not testing on animals and they use only two animal by-products (beeswax and lanolin from wool) obtained in humane ways, not to mention they come in more colours and fun flavours than we can count.

Nature lover hoping for moisturized lips: DIY lip balm
Still, none of these products are perfect. If you have a favourite lip gloss that doesn’t meet your standard of fair treatment of animals and use of safe ingredients, discontinue using the product and write a letter to the company (get your friends in on it, too) expressing your demands. In the mean time, find a DIY lip balm recipe that meets your standards and give it a go!

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