Summer-Proofing Your Makeup

The onset of summer is a love/hate relationship. We love spending longer days in the summer sun, but hate the way that melting foundation and smeared eyeliner make us feel far less than fresh-faced. Avoiding a makeup meltdown isn’t impossible, but combatting the heat and humidity takes a little bit of preparation and attention to detail.

1. Go Lighter
Summer fabrics are lighter so that you can breathe, and summer make up needs to step down a notch to let your skin stay fresh. You wouldn’t be caught in a parka when the sun comes out, and don’t let your face get bogged down with too many layers – it’s just unnatural. The things that worked for winter to keep your skin looking healthy and moisturized aren’t going to carry over into summer. Switch out heavy foundation for an oil-free tinted moisturizer with SPF. If your skin is blemish-free, try just using spots of concealer where you need it instead of an all-over product on your face.

2. Prime It Up
Perfectly priming is key to keeping makeup in place all day long. Start with a pea-sized amount of primer all over before applying a foundation or tinted moisturizer. Primer keeps your face in one place, smoothing pesky pores that seem to stand out more when the weather heats up. Don’t stray from eye shadow primer to help colour stay put on your lids. Eyeshadow primers serve the same purpose as your all-over face primer. Excess oil and moisture tends to clump shadow and it collects in the crease of your lid.

3. Powder Perfection
Turning up the heat means turning up the oil production in your skin. Throw in a crazy-humid day and things are going to get a little bit messy. Switch to oil-free moisturizers, foundations, and primers for the season so you aren’t adding any more oil to your skin than is already being produced. Develop a good relationship with powder, which helps to absorb excess oil and keep your face looking matte. A light dusting of powder over your face at the end of your routine is a great way to keep everything in place. If you’re using cream blush or shadows, switch to the powdered version for the summer.

4. Waterproofing
Raccoon eyes still don’t have a place in the beauty world, and the summer makes it hard to avoid. One wipe of your brow during a walk in the sun can prove to provide some unsightly results, settling black and blue into your creases and lines. We’re scared just thinking about it. If you’re not already using a waterproof mascara, get on it and beat the heat. Not only does waterproof mascara combat the day-to-day tears from your eyes, but it holds ground for summer-sweats and afternoon dips in the pool. Be sure to remove carefully nightly with a good eye-makeup remover.

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