Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Toronto

Addicted to chocolate?  Does everyone know it, except (of course!) for your man? Save yourself the pain of another dozen roses or prepacked sweets and start dropping hints now using our list of all the best chocolate in this city!


Best Handmade Chocolate

Soma Chocolate – 32 Tank House Lane or 443 King St W.

Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable chocolate names in the city, Soma Chocolatemaker has repeatedly been named the best chocolate in this city thanks to its on-site chocolate lab that produces some of the finest handmade truffles, bars, and gelatos you’ll ever taste.

Best Organic Chocolate

Delight – 3040 Dundas St W.

Nestled in the heart of the Junction, Delight is the perfect place to pick up some sweetness for your socially conscious heart. Not only is their chocolate the best organic pick in the city but it’s also homemade and fair trade. Added bonus? They carry a ton of vegan chocolate treats too!

Best Box o’ Chocolate

Odile Chocolat – 829 Dundas St W.

When a box of chocolate starts at $54 you know those chocolatiers aren’t kidding around. A good man will pick and choose from their selection of delectable truffles that include flavours such as Tahitian Vanilla, Ice Wine, and Lavender. Added bonus? They’re gorgeous to look at too.

Best Atmosphere

MoRoCo Chocolat – 99 Yorkville Ave.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like sipping white chocolate martinis amongst plush velvet banquettes and glistening chandeliers. Yorkville’s amazing MoRoCo Chocolat offers you just that as well as a full food menu and a massive selection of chocolate themed delights for dessert.

Best Chocolate Cake

Phipps Bakery Café© – 420 Eglinton West

It might be a little off the beaten track for some city-goers, but believe us when we tell you that this Phipps Mom’s Chocolate Cake will make it well worth the trip. If he makes his way out there for you (and for some of this insane cake) keep him. Forever.

Best Hot Chocolate

Le Gourmand – 152 Spadina Ave

Made with an insanely thick and delicious German chocolate and whole milk (as all real hot chocolate should be!), Le Gourmand produces an absolutely sinful delight for those who prefer their chocolate to be sipped and stirred.

Best All-Round Gluttonous Experience

The Chocolateria – 361 Roncesvalles Avenue

From hand-rolled truffles to chocolate-dipped potato chips to in-house churned ice creams, if you have a chocolate fetish to feed, this is the place to do it. And with a slogan like “For Everything Chocolate”, your guy really won’t be able to go wrong here. Literally. 

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