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Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Right Now!

Pick up a chocolate bar and get healthier

You probably don’t need another reason to eat chocolate other than the fact that it exists, but sometimes a girl may feel a bit of guilt when consuming its chocolatey goodness. After all, this type of candy can be high in sugar and fat, two things you often try to avoid in what you eat. But, the good news is that there are actually lots of reasons for you to eat chocolate, in fact for you to eat some right now! The darker the chocolate the more benefits you get, but even milk chocolate has some healthy aspects to it. So what are you waiting for “ read this article and then go out and get some chocolate, quick.

It prevents cell damage
That’s right “ pure dark chocolate, which is loaded with flavonoids (the chemicals found in fruits and vegetables that act as antioxidants), helps prevent cell damage. In addition to many other benefits, that means it will slow aging. It’s practically as good as using sun screen (well, maybe not.) The cocoa may also be responsible for reducing wrinkles (this is the same reason cocoa butter is so common in moisturizers.) So eat some and look younger!

It raises your HDL (the good cholesterol) and lowers your LDL (the bad cholesterol.)
Talk about a double dose of goodness. Coca and dark chocolate (here are those flavonoids again) are both great for reducing bad cholesterol, and increasing the good “so go ahead and eat that Dove Bar “ maybe two.

It can help you lose weight
Really! Chocolate is actually a natural appetite suppressant, and it can also help you control your cravings for other treats by satisfying your cravings. Another double dose of greatness for that chocolate bar and a great reason to eat one right now.

It puts you in a good mood
It has been proven that dark chocolate can put you in a better mood and even ease some of your PMS symptoms. Chocolate contains serotonin, which is an antidepressant, and also stimulates the production of endorphins. This can make you feel really happy and even increase your libido. Share that with your guy and he’ll be the one buying the chocolate.

It reduces your blood pressure
Those flavonoids are still at it, this time lowering your blood pressure and decreasing the stress on  your heart by keeping your blood vessels nice and relaxed. Chocolate can also reduce blood clotting, another healthy benefit.

It makes you smarter
Well, maybe not, but it does improve the blood flow to your brain, and can even help improve your brain function. This has been linked to slowing the aging process, so what are you waiting for?

Gives you a healthier mouth and gums
Your dentist may not believe this one but it’s true. Cocoa has been shown in recent studies to reduce the bacteria in your mouth, which can give you healthier gums and reduce your risk of cavities. And it can also give you better breath!

4 responses to “Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Right Now!”

  1. when i read this article i definetly eat choclate in week always , also told to all of my friend s to take choclate avoid junk food …………….. very happy to read that article
  2. when i read this article i definetly eat choclate in week always , also told to all of my friend s to take choclate avoid junk food …………….. very happy to read that article

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