5 Fitness Apps We Actually Use

Writing down your diet and fitness goals in a journal is a thing of the past. Now, with mobile phones attached to our hip and the latest technology hitting the market at a breakneck pace all we have to do is download an app that will monitor, track and summarize our progress. Whether you’re trying to build muscle, portion control your food or walk a few extra steps a day we found five apps that will take your fitness and diet goals to the next level. 



Free \ Available on: iOS

Many fitness apps on the market require you to purchase an activity tracker to get the most of out it, but if you’re not prepared to drop $100 on a new device then check out Argus. Available for free on iTunes, Argus transforms your phone into a lean mean fitness machine by acting as a pedometer 24/7, track your liquid intake (i.e.: water, coffee and tea), log workout sessions, as well as let you create a food diary by snapping photos of your meals.


Free \ Available on: Anrdoid, iOS and web. Fitbit activity tracker required to get full use of app.

The Fitbit app is designed to be paired with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales, but if you don’t want to folk out $100 to reap the benefits of this free app then you can still use its user friendly features on your phone, such as tracking your water intake, log workouts, as well as monitor weight. However, if you just got paid and have an urge to spend purchase the activity trackers – there are a variety to choose from here – and you’ll then be able to monitor your sleep patterns and use its pedometer function.

Fitness Buddy: 300+ Exercises


Free, optional paid upgrade available \ Available on: iOS and Android.

Paying for a personal trainer can make a huge dent in your wallet faster than you can say push-up. Fitness Buddy brings the personal trainer to your phone for free and gives you more than 300 exercises. Detailed descriptions, animations and workout combinations are programmed into the app allowing you to target specific muscles such as your arms, back and booty – Beyoncé© and Kim Kardashian beware. Plus, Fitness Buddy gives you comprehensive exercises and how-tos for using major gym equipment including barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and stability balls.



Free \ Available on: Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows.

The long-time popular app MyFitnessPal reigns supreme as one of the top rated fitness apps on the market; it has an almost perfect five-star rating on iTunes and more than 100,000 recommendations from GooglePlus users. MyFitnessPall has the largest food database – more than 4 million items and growing – where you can find out how many calories are really in that bowl of butter chicken you had last night. The app’s exercise feature lists more than 350 exercises that enable you to track cardio, create custom programs and allow you to connect with friends where you can track each other’s progress and help motive each other.

Nike Training Club


Free \ Available on: Android and iOS.

Looking to tone your physique after super star athletes like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams? Then hit the download button to get the Nike Training Club app and join the world’s biggest female fitness community. The app features 100 workouts by Nike Master Trainers, said Russian tennis star, as well as other inspirational female athletes, trainers and celebrities. Choose from individual workouts, a structured four-week program or try its Workout Of The Month and track your training history and progress.

Yoga Studio



Available on: iOS.

For the days you can’t make it to the yoga studio and get your zen on try the Yoga Studio app, available for iPhone and iPad. For less than a small double-double at Timmy’s you can have your own personal yoga teacher at your fingertips. The app has 65 ready-made yoga and meditation classes with HD video, more than 280 poses and is suited for all levels from beginner to advance yogis.

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