What’s Her Secret? Anna Chen, Executive Chef at Figo

When a new restaurant opens up in Toronto, word of this new addition to the city’s culinary scene spreads like wild fire and it, subsequently, becomes the hottest must-eat spot.

Figo, INK Entertainment’s newest food venture, has done this by serving up contemporary Italian-inspired food that will make your mouth water and taste buds sing. How do we know, you ask? We visited the restaurant during its Sunday brunch service and were not disappointed. The mushroom pizza, French toast, burrata salad and, its signature dish, the zucchini fritti transported us to heaven–we actually dreamt about this starter the following night, because it’s that good.


The general in charge of Figo’s kitchen is Executive Chef Anna Chen. During our meal we couldn’t help but notice her calmly and deftly working the kitchen, and managing its staff. The culinary industry is notorious for being a hard as nails to work in; seeing a woman hold the title of executive chef, while not a rarity, is not something we encounter on the regular. As Chen plated dish after dish we became increasingly intrigued to know more about her and her secrets to life, style, happiness and success.

Astrological sign: Cancer

Beyoncé© or Britney Spears: Beyoncé©

Frank’s Red Hot or Sriracha: Sriracha

Breakfast or brunch: Brunch

You were born in India, lived and worked around the world. Why did you choose to come to Toronto?

Toronto is an extremely diverse city, with immense potential for growth and a booming restaurant industry and food scene. It’s a great place to be!

Working in the food industry and being an executive chef of a popular restaurant, isn’t easy. What words of wisdom do you have for women who want climb the culinary ladder?

Passion for food is important when you work in this industry, but always remember that perseverance and patience go hand-in-hand with that.

What are five items an aspiring at-home chef should have in their kitchen?

A sharp knife, whisk, spatula, Vitamix and great ingredients.

Next question “ and we promise not to judge “ what is your favourite dish to make for yourself, when no one is around?

Spicy kimchi ramen noodles 🙂

What are three things in your wardrobe you cannot live without and why?

Definitely my UGG boots, my leather jacket and my comfy t-shirts.

Finish this sentence: I want women around the world to ___________.


If you could create a recipe for happiness, what would it contain and why?

A pound each of butter, flour and sugar–the recipe for pound cake = happiness.

Name one famous person (dead or alive) who you’d like to cook with and why?

My dad, he’s simply awesome.

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