Shoe Review: True Balance by New Balance

Sporty Spice I am not. So when asked me to take the 30-Day New Balance Wellness Challenge and review the new TrueBalance Toning Shoe (the WW850, $120), I had some pretty big reservations. But it was love at first sight when I read this awesome warning on the tag: “This product is specifically designed for walking… This product is not intended to be used, nor should it be used, for any other athletic endeavor.” Cue the heavenly Hallelujah chorus! A running shoe I’m not allowed to run in? Sign me up!

So New Balance is moving into the toning market with really attractive shoes (really) that use hidden balance board technology. Every step forces your body to work to maintain your natural balance, which activates your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, and engages your core. The icing on the cake: all of the above burns calories.

I can personally attest to the “stylish comfort”: My black & gray WW850’s with just a hint of pink are as far as it gets on the style spectrum from the other hideous bright-white thick-soled weight-loss shoe monstrosities on the market. These look so good, and the toning technology is so discreet, that no one ever questioned whether I was wearing them for fashion or fitness.

During the 30 days of my Wellness Challenge I tried to wear my TrueBalance’s for the prescribed 6000 steps a day. It actually wasn’t hard at all, in fact the challenge was talking myself back into my uncomfortable heels from 9-5! My WW850’s fit really well, true to size, have great cushion, and I really liked the lightweight mesh on top – great for breathability and they dry super fast on wet days.

I found myself looking for more and more excuses to wear my WW850’s everywhere – for instance, a day at the mall where before I would have thrown on some cute, cheap flats that gave me a backache after an hour, I’d choose my TrueBalance’s instead.

Although I did not morph into a Victoria’s Secret model after one month, I definitely noticed more definition in my calves, I lost almost an inch overall in my hips and thighs, and my shopping stamina has increased exponentially. Hopefully cruising for sales at the mall doesn’t fall under “other athletic endeavors” – I’d hate to be accused of athleticism caused by excessively good-looking sneakers.

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