The Best Social Winter Workouts

Resist the urge to hibernate with a stockpile of winter ale and 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. Take advantage of the chilly temps and the frosty white stuff out there to start a new winter hobby with your crew. Working out outdoors gets your endorphins flowing with a super sweaty workout, a hit of mood boosting Vitamin D as well as a couple hours of laughs. Who needs a gym membership? Make the winter blues history with these 5 workouts.

Ice Skating

Splurge on a pair of toe-warming inserts and rent a pair of skates at the public rink. Come winter, sweet deals abound at public rinks, and sometimes rinks even host nighttime skating parties with music. Splurge on a hot chocolate (or candy cane martini) after. After burning up to 500 calories per hour, you've earned it.

Cross country skiing

The swinging arms, the propelling yourself forward with your glutes and thighs, don't layer up too much. An hour long cross country ski trip burns up to 400 calories per hour.


Is there any better feeling than gliding down a mountain of fresh powder in Canada? Hitting the slopes for a day with a group of friends is a sweat-breaking winter daytrip. This whole-body workout will have you waking up with sore muscles from glutes to shoulders.


A winter hike through some peaceful trails is a low impact option for bright afternoons or crisp snow-fallen mornings. Bring a picnic, your camera, and a bunch of pals. A winter hike gives you a chance to catch up while sweating it out.


Tackle that driveway and sidewalk with some close-by friends and make your neighbors love you. Shovelling snow burns 300 calories per hour and works all the muscles in your arms. You'll feel jacked by the time you're done.


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