5 Moves to Lift and Firm Your Booty

Everyone is looking for a firm, strong bum…Blame Jen Selter, the Instagram hottie with over 2 million followers, all thanks to her curvaceous bum. Here are five hot moves that will have you #seltering in no time!


1. Squat

This classic move is a must in achieving a bootylicious bottom, but do you know how to do a proper squat? As you bend your knees and stick out your butt, keep your back straight to avoid arching your back, this will prevent injury and will engage your core. Once you get the hang of it, kick it up a notch by using a kettle bell or weighted ball and as you squat, lift up the weight with your arms, above your head, and bring it back down again as you stand up. You can also hold and hover or bounce while squatting to maximize results.

Do 10 squats between other moves.

2. Back Leg Lift

You can do this move either on all fours (like the fire hydrant move below) or flat on your belly. Keeping your knee facing the floor, lift one leg up, as high as you can go. Bring it back down. Repeat 15 times. Lift your leg back up again, but this time, pulse it for 10 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

3. Fire Hydrant

One of the hardest parts to target are the inner thighs. Even if you’re concentrating on your butt, tighter ineer thigs will give you that lifted look. A good move is the fire hydrant. On a mat, go on all fours, hand and knees are natural, shoulder width apart. Lift your right knee, keeping it bend, outward to the side, aiming for almost a 90 degree angle, exactly like a peeing dog. Bring the knee back in. Repeat 15 times, then do the other leg.

Repeat 2-3 times a day for whittled thighs.

4. Jumping Lunges

This move is a favourite for achieving both a strong butt and legs, while also getting your heart rate going. Stand with your feet in a relaxed stance, shoulder width apart. Jump and swing open your right leg forward (not too far out though!). Lunge forward, making sure to keep your knees facing forward, and that your knees don’t go beyond your feet, creating two perfect 90 degree angles. You also want to ensure that your body weight is in between both legs. Stretch and stand up and jump again, scissoring the left leg forward this time. Do 20 jumping lunges, or break it up in half with five squats in between.

5. Ballerina Bum Bum

This move involves standing in front of a barre or railing (or chair back). Keep your heels together, but turn out your feet to create a V, or first position, (If you have natural turn out, turn your feet out even more). Place your hands on the railing and make sure your back is straight, your tummy is in and your neck is long. Most importantly, squeeze your butt! Slowly bend your knees into a plié©. Repeat 5 times. Now separate your heels, but keep your feet turned out to create second position. Plié© 5 times, but make sure you don’t stick your butt out, as you want to stay aligned. Once you master this, you can move into the “grand plié©”, which involves a regular plié©, but go lower to the floor, lifting your heels off the ground, so that your toes are supporting you. Stretch and stand back up, squeezing your butt up as you go.


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