Can’t Sleep? Download These 4 Apps for a Better Snooze

You are getting veerrryyyy sleeepppyyy.

This time of year gets my sleep schedule all out of whack. Winter is dragging on, New Year’s Resolutions are becoming a well-intentioned memory as I stuff my face with a third (fifth) slice of pizza, and I am staying up later and later as the days slowly get longer and longer. By the time daylight savings starts in March (check your calendars!) I am craving my third (fifth) cup of coffee of the day and daydreaming (and regular dreaming) of afternoon naps. In order to get my sleep affairs in order, I rely on a few different apps to help me fall asleep, stay asleep and get the best sleep I can sleep.

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Simply Being 

simply being

My favourite app for falling asleep, this little gem can easily knock me out in 20 minutes flat. The soft voice walks you through a guided meditation to clear your mind when your mind is at its busiest. Now, when your brain starts going a million miles a minute as soon as your head hits the pillow, you have a voice in your head(phones) telling you that you can just let it go. There is nothing you have to do now. Just that little reminder is usually what sends me straight to the realm of the sandman.

You can choose from soothing music, nature sounds or nothing at all in the background. I always go with Surf which sounds like waves coming in and out and is probably the most calming sound on this planet we call Earth.

(Apple $2.29, Android $2.61)

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