The Silver Lining (s) of Being Sick

As the cold weather gusts in and the warm days begin to vanish, coughs and sniffles become a little too commonplace. While it’s true we should avoid getting sick at all costs (and quickly rid those sneezes when it’s too late!) we may as well appreciate the upsides of catching a cold while that pesky bug remains. Read on for reasons to embrace your sniffles instead of becoming sickened by them:

Getting to sleep in as long as we want
No matter how groggy we feel after awakening from a seemingly sleepless night, we can sigh with great relief in knowing work is not on the agenda. Even if you choose to stumble into work, chances are you will be assisted out the door before you make it into your office. So if you’re actually being encouraged to stay home, why not take advantage? It’s not every day we can dismiss our responsibilities and not feel agitated. So curl up in your heavenly duvet, sip on a mug of chamomile tea, and fall asleep to a best-loved movie classic like You’ve Got Mail. (Pst – in case you don’t catch the ending, Meg Ryan feels your pain).

Justification for not going to the gym
Oftentimes, we test our stamina because we want to promote a healthy lifestyle. When we’re sick, our well-being has already been compromised. With that being said, slipping into our workout gear is probably the last thing on our mind, and for good reason! While some experts argue exercising with a mild cold (a stuffy nose or scratchy throat) can be beneficial, who wants to hit the treadmill with a box of tissue in hand? It’s time to disregard that feeling of guilt creeping inside you, because girl, you have a reason to be lazy. So sit back with your nasal spray, and watch other ladies sweat it out on TV instead.

Having people care for you, without asking for the attention.
No matter how crummy we feel, it’s always nice to have someone stay by our side to provide comfort. When we’re feeling under the weather, keeping on with mundane daily tasks is exhausting. Whether it be your beau, best friend or mother, having a personal caretaker is reassuring. While we may feel more dependent than our usual thriving selves, embrace it! How often is it that we’re spoon fed chicken noodle soup in bed, complemented with a soothing back rub?

Getting to miss a few days of work
This reason ties in with benefit numero one. While it’s never favourable to feel behind, don’t push yourself to go into work when it will only make you feel worse. No one wants to work alongside someone that sneezes in between each sentence, and is potentially contagious. At the end of the day, when we feel under the weather, we’re generally not productive anyways. So rather than straining yourself (and your co-workers!), enjoy the time you have to yourself while it lasts. On the flip side, don’t take full-advantage of feeling ill and miss more work than necessary – you’ll only be hurting yourself.

Raspy voice
While your lover may not be eager to pounce on you as blowing your noise becomes part of your routine, there is something about a deep, raspy voice that is ever so sensual. So embrace the power of your seductive tone while it lasts, and tease your partner into taking extra good care of you.

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